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Online Vårscenefest festival - 2 May

Our Plenary Meeting was originally organised in conjunction with the Tromsø-based performance festival Vårscenefest, which, due to circumstances, is organising a digital version of their event on Saturday 2 May. With a variety of works spanning from film productions, interactive videos and live streams, the one-day digital festival is free and open to everyone.

Although parts of the program will be available in Norwegian only, several performances are accessible to an English-speaking audience. The stream will be running live from 10:00 - 22:00 (Norwegian time). Have a look at the programme below and join the livestream accordingly (the text are coming from Vårscenefest's website):


Morning raves - Charlotte Bendiks and Nasra Omar

Morning raves are a new trend that has spread globally the past few years. Before work, sleepy people gather to get a morning boost, trigger natural endorphins and stay nimble and creative for the rest of the day. Starting your day by dancing with other people is a positive experience, and benefits both your physical and mental health.

At Vårskjermfest, we invite the audience to participate at our morning rave from their living rooms, on chat and through dance videos. Through sound, visual effects, lightning, chat and dance, the audience will participate in an interactive, audiovisual and physical experience. 

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Bubble wrap kids - Silje Solheim Johnsen

The film Bubble Wrap Kids is quite different from the stage version. In the film the audience will visit the homes of the dancers and through this open up for a different look at the family dynamics between the parent and the child. 

By meeting the dancers in their own home we want to visualize new and different angles to the relation between a child and their parent. These are angles that we were not able to show in the performance, says choreographer Silje Solheim Johnsen. 

We did not focus on the experiences of what has been happening lately, but it is off course with us in everything we do. 

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hello brother - Geir Hytten

hello brother challenges the conventions for what a body or a society can or should be.

Geir Hytten and Stian Vikjord Danielsen are not wrestlers, they are not brothers, nor are they Olympic Champions. However, inspired by the wrestling Rønningen brothers, they embody the concrete nature of the wrestling world, and embrace its shapes and norms. 

Wrestling here becomes an image of a macro society where rules and conventions set limits for what one can, and cannot do. At the same time, the fighting bodies on the wrestling mat in front of us gives us a microscopic look at humankind handling life.

In hello brother, Hytten seeks away from the neoliberal focus on individuality and the potential of the individual. Instead he is looking for an experience of fellowship, "something greater", something "more than one self," that we can "merge into a common body".

Together, we can experience processes and changes that are inaccessible to the single body alone. Perhaps it is in this state of community that we can start to look for the human potential.

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fieldworks portrait - Klaas Boelen

fieldworks portrait (documentary) is a film by Belgian filmmaker Klaas Boelen. It was shot during the preparations and happenings of fieldworks portrait, a three-day performative exhibition devoted to the work of Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki that was held at PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany), June 2018.​

fieldworks portrait focuses on the diverse aspects of Avdal and Shinozaki's artistic practice, which incorporates dance, music, performance and visual art. The audience was invited to experience artistic interventions, video works, installations, talks and (stage) performances throughout PACT, to reflect on their own perceptions and discover new perspectives.

For fieldworks portrait Avdal and Shinozaki collaborated with 16 other artists from various fields of the arts.​

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Eksogen II - Intakt

Eksogen II is a psycological dance film with several possible endings. The Tromsø-based dance company Intakt has re-made the performance Eksogen to an interactive dance film. Is there a potential for violence in every human? The Psycologist Carl G. Jung said: “that which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate”.

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Prisoners of the Occupation - Einat Weizman

Banned in Israel where it caused a huge public controversy and could not be performed, Prisoners of the Occupation focuses on the most hidden victims of the Israeli state: Palestinian political prisoners.
 Narrated by sixty-year-old Ibrahim, himself an ex-prisoner who spent thirty years in Israeli prisons, Prisoners of the Occupation takes the audience on a journey into the shrouded confines of prison life including the reception process, investigations, tortures, hunger strikes, solitary confinement, the day-to-day routine, the transitions from prison to prison, and family visits. The play is based on unprecedented access to verbatim testimonies from both current and former prisoners, who have actively contributed at every stage of the play’s creation.

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City Dwellers #8 - Tale Næss

City Dwellers #8 – the Origin. A mash up for Vårscenefest is a part of a series of city portraits by playwright, performer and dramaturge Tale Næss. The portraits consists of myriads of comments, outbursts and confessions. The city is the place that makes them come together. Together they create a pattern of inquiries and a feedback loop of pictures, sounds and voices. This time City Dwellers is made in a digital format. Here Tale Næss returns to the starting point: a journey to Detroit in 2017. The audience will access and examine 16 video clips from the city, hear special composed sound and a serie of texts. 

City Dwellers is a part of her work as a research fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 

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