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Creative Lenses: Business Models for Culture

IETM is a partner in Creative Lenses - a large-scale cooperation project funded by the Creative Europe programme.

Statement of IETM on Greece

IETM believes that it is possible to build another Europe, a Europe based on the culture and the wellbeing of its citizens rather than a Europe where the economy is dominant...


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IETM is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment.

It aims at proving the value of the performing arts in society by initiating and facilitating professional networking and communication, the dynamic exchange of information, know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice.

More than 500 member organisations from around 50 countries around the world are part of IETM. Our main roots are in Europe but we welcome organisations from all parts of the world.

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“FRESH PERSPECTIVES 2: Shifting Scales and Sceneries, Arts, Globalisation and Territories”

This new publication of IETM’s Fresh Perspectives series deals with performing arts and territories.

“Mapping of Types of Impact Research in the Performing Arts Sector (2005 - 2015)”

This mapping provides a state-of-the-art of the models adopted in different countries to measure the impacts of the performing arts on individuals and societies. 

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