Tips for Arts Organizations Engaging Tech Communities


In a conversation on “How Tech Companies Think About the Arts” at the 2017 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in San Francisco, artists and arts organization had an opportunity to connect with philanthropic representatives from Silicon Valley companies to learn and exchange ideas on how to better engage one another.

It became clear within just a few minutes of discussion that tech companies certainly value creativity within their employees. They are hiring liberal arts majors more liberally than one would assume for four tremendous reasons—the ability to listen, be creative, empathize, and develop a vision are essential to their future.

On occasion, tech companies even commission artists to create works of art. Facebook’s artist-in-residency program has cultivated the success of emerging artists like Jet Martinez, who engages conversations on culture, community, and immigration—fitting topics for a company that brings in workers from all across the globe and touches billions across the planet.

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