The role of culture in promoting inclusion in the context of migration


The Sea Cemetery (Credit: Support to Life/Hayata Destek)

With large numbers of refugees fleeing conflict and violence and reaching all the way to Europe, there is an urgent need to develop strategies that allow them at once to be included in European societies, while at the same time retaining a sense of their own identity, and a pride in their cultural roots.
The role of cultural and educational agencies is crucial, offering safe spaces where refugees can inter-act with local host communities, learn the language and develop social/cultural skills, and acquire the confidence to articulate their cultural identity in the European context, as well as assisting with early recovery and transition.
This report highlights key areas where cultural interventions lead to tangible benefits, and emphasises the importance of a further tier of cultural projects that do not simply engage newcomers, refugees and migrants, but foster interaction and dialogue with wider European society. 

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