A platform promoted by Bússola, Outdoor Arts Portugal invests in reinforcing international acknowledgement of the Portuguese street arts and contemporary circus sector. It does this by developing events involving promotion and communication, the skill development and the international visibility of Portuguese artists and, yet, monitoring, investigation and documentation.

Distributing integrated information created by Portuguese agents becomes particularly important at a moment when this artistic sector is bubbling with the active search of opportunities. Thus, mapping professionals and advertising their activity plays an important role at many levels. Carrying out processes started in 2017 and with the help of the Directorate-General for the Arts, a booklet will be published in 2018 which collects professional information enabling international access.

The involvement of Portuguese professionals is assessed through the number of new platform members, which currently amounts to over 70 entities active in various fields. It gathers 4 art schools, 7 creation centres, 15 festivals and about 50 artists, among them creators, companies and independent artists, which offer the international stage over 50 shows. These are revealing numbers in a growing, active, multidisciplinary dynamic that has an eye on the public space’s new dimensions and on the innovative languages of contemporary circus.

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