Culture is Digital, Digital is Culture


Public cultural institutions must be makers – and not hostages – of digitalisation. This requires resources – museums, theatres or libraries need to be able to actively invest in digital transformation – especially in times of dwindling public funding. At the same time, the Cultural and Creative Industries are experiencing an ongoing boom of investments in digital infrastructures including platforms and streaming services, which are attracting a dynamically growing demand. But high usage alone does not generate an income for artists and creative professionals in the digital age – on the contrary, often, such a change in distribution channels initially leads to declining sales. Innovations in the creative economy are triggered – or even forced – by digitalisation. But how can the Cultural and Creative Industries be drivers for digitalisation? Or are they drivers precisely because of the permanent urge for innovation? Which creative ideas trigger new digital worlds or values? And how can artists and creative professionals make a better living from their work? 

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