An analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the Flanders and Brussels arts landscape


This text is the conclusion of the Landscape Sketch of the Arts, a publication of Flanders Arts Institute about trends and developments in the arts field in Flanders and Brussels. You can read the full Landscape Sketch here (only available in Dutch).

Strengths, or: historical merits

Throughout the Landscape Sketch the Flemish arts landscape appears as the sum of a series of highly developed and professionalised subsectors. Layered ecosystems have emerged in recent decades, with room for bottom-up artistic initiative and for a variety of players and perspectives. Despite the differences between sector-specific networks and value chains, these subsectors have a number of characteristics in common that we can consider as strengths of the Flemish arts system.

Artistic initiative is given opportunities in Flanders and Brussels thanks to the support of a web of public institutions and the possibility for meaningful interactions with ‘the market’ and private players. These intricate ecosystems are the result of a combination of the various subsectors and Flemish arts policy, but were also created in collaboration with local and provincial actors and governments, and with international partners and the European policy level.

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