Are arts managers their own enemy when it comes to intercultural development?


This first workshop of the new network “Cultural Managers as Intercultural Brokers” took place 15-17 January 2017 at Heilbronn University, Germany. Its highly renowned international participants examined the role that arts and cultural managers can play in handling the challenges of globalisation. And they discussed the question how arts management is influenced by certain worldviews and how this in turn influences the fulfilment of its tasks in international contexts, and thereby shed light on the sometimes self-inflicted barriers for fostering intercultural understanding.

It surely wasn’t the intention of the network coordinators – Victoria Durrer from Queen’s University Belfast, Raphalea Henze from Heilbronn University and Ina Ross from the National School of Drama Delhi – to hold the networks first workshop shortly before the inauguration of the next US president. But nonetheless, the event heavily influenced the discussions by underlining the dark sides of globalisation and, thereby, emphasised the increasing importance of arts and culture as a bridge between people from different countries. 

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