IETM Stockholm Plenary Meeting 2011

14 avril 2011 - 17 avril 2011


Under the working theme “Whose Story is it?” the meeting in Stockholm addressed a number of questions and challenges which probably every single of the 610 participants of the meeting once faced, as well as anyone with ambition to develop their art forms, practices, methods, conditions, structures within society at large.

IETM identified two parallel trends in society (including the performing arts). The first is that of closing borders, cultivating homogeneity, monopolising information and utilising normative and consolidating methodologies. The second – and the most common one – is that of speaking of openness, transparency and participation, while still practicing the first one. We expanded and challenged these concepts and, through the day-to-day programme consisting of many different sessions like working groups, workshops or the artistic programme, we came up with some new ideas on how to tackle this problem hoping to inspire change in the cultural sector.

The meeting was organised with the support of the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Stockholm Visitors Board and the help of all IETM members in Sweden.