island connect program
The space C.IN.E. in Majorca & BIRCA in Denmark will host the first exchange

First steps of the ISLAND CONNECT Program: exchange of residencies between Denmark & Spain

The first residencies exchange between BIRCA - Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists (Bornholm, Denmark) & the C.IN.E. (Majorca, Spain) marks the first steps of the ISLAND CONNECT International Program.

The two companies that will benefit from this exchange will be Teater Bæst from Denmark, and Clownidoscopio, from Ibiza. They will be developing their two research and creation projects (“FLIGHT // FLUGHT” & “REFUGI”, respectively) both in BIRCA & C.IN.E.'s creation spaces. The first stage will be held between April 30th & May 13th in Bornholm (Denmark) and the second one between July 16th and 29th in Majorca (Spain).

Both Teater Bæst and Clownidoscopio will be able to develop their projects during this 2-weeks residency in their own country and the 2-weeks residency in the partner country, flights & coaching/mentorship included.

2018 ISLAND CONNECT pilot residency exchange

ISLAND CONNECT is a collaboration program among three performing arts organizations working with residencies located on (or associated with) European islands of different countries. Nowadays, the partners are BIRCA, located at Bornholm/Denmark and run by Susanne Danig, C.IN.E., placed in Sineu in Majorca and run by Biel Jordà and Marta Barceló, and Fund for Others residency program on an island in Croatia (Silba for 2018 pilot program), run by Zvonimir Dobrovic and the organization Domino.

The network will start working on this pilot residency exchange in 2018 with the goal to get companies and artists into circulation, in order to enrich their creative process and help them to work on partnership.

About the creation spaces

BIRCA - Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists is a refuge for artists and researchers who seek peace and quiet and inspiring natural surroundings in which to develop their ideas. The site is ideal for workshops, rehearsal periods for performance groups or simply for individual research work. Besides hosting residencies, BIRCA host different workshops related to performing arts.

The Centre d'Investigació Escènica de Sineu (C.IN.E.) is an old cinema located in a small village in the centre of Majorca reconverted into a creation space. Its aim is to host, provoke and promote artistic processes, acting as a network with other centres or artists, as well as creating connections between creators and audience. It will host in 2018 15 Performing Arts creation and research residencies, 7 of which are international. The aim of this centre is to encourage new creations in risk-taking projects, especially the ones researching in circus & new languages fields.