1st International Forum "Creative Mobilities" - 29th of Sept. 2017, Grenoble (FR)

For your agendas! Meet us on the September 29th, 2017 in Grenoble (France). Registration are opened, places are limited! reserve your say to the 1st International Forum on Creative Mobilities.

The Forum will focus on the human dimension of urban and territorial mobility, including the potential synergies between mobility, creativity, arts, culture(s) and sustainable development in cities and human settlements. Environmental sustainability of cultural activities, climate change, public health and well-being will be among the topics as well as the role of mobility networks as new cultural actors and partners. the Visits and activities will be organized the day before and after the Forum, while a charter of principles for Creative Mobilities and a call for experimentations will be launched during the Forum.

At the occasion of the France-Colombia Year, within the framework of Mouv'2017 and in partnership with the Sustainable Mobility Days (JMD).
Discover the pre-program, partners and first speakers:

A meeting :
- for artists and cultural entrepreneurs, political decision-makers, government officials, private and associative actors of the mobility sector
- Based on more than 80 case studies identified worldwide connecting arts, culture and community practices to public transports, new forms of sustainable mobility and public space.
- 5 main topics, plenaries and brainstorming labs
- the City and the metropolitan area of Medellin as guests of honor, events programmed on the public space.

Join us to promote your initiatives for the international review that is being produced, become a partner with your organization to experiment together and promote new synergies between mobility actors and cultural / creative stakeholders for sustainable urban and territorial development and discuss:

- the role of mobility as a driver of socialisation and social change through arts and culture;
- the role of cultural actors in raising awareness about sustainable mobility;
innovation in research and development for mobility actors, enterprises and other institutions through collaborations with creative sectors;
- public space and public transport as tools to promote diversity, innovative art forms, cultural participation, inclusion, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship;
- the influence of cultural aspects in mobility practices and climate change;
new narratives for and with local communities, citizens’ health and well-being, societies in transition, the digital revolution and fight against inequalities.
- multi-stakeholders’ partnerships.