24 octobre 2019 - 27 octobre 2019
24 octobre 2019 - 27 octobre 2019

La culture du consentement et du consensus


Comment les arts du spectacle peuvent-ils mettre en cause les cultures éminentes dans nos sociétés et encourager l’union plutôt que la division ? Cette session explorera comment nous pouvons modéliser et présenter des idées et des communautés alternatives et travailler ensemble à l’établissement d’une culture du consentement, et du consensus, consciente des inégalités et de la polarisation dans laquelle travaillent les plus vastes cultures.

À quel point sommes-nous conscient du consentement lorsque nous interagissons avec le public et les participants ? En tant qu’individus et artistes, comment respectons-nous le pouvoir et l’autonomie des personnes tout en favorisant un connexion avec elle ? Si le personnel est politique, comment notre art et nos actions contribuent-ils à opérer des changements dans le monde ?

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HKD (Croatian Cultural Center) - Kortil Gallery
Ul. Strossmayerova 1
26 octobre, 2019 - 15:00 - 16:45

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I am facilitating this session, and this theme is a focus of work I am developing with Irregular Arts including trying to build momentum around the concept of an International Day of Consent to be recognised on 30th November annually.

The background to this work is documented and developing on our website at http://consentculture.co.uk/ including a manifesto for consent which is in development.

The core premise I am working from is the notion that the personal is political (and vice versa) and that how we live, work, love, interact, communicate, connect and engage with the world is significant - that we can all make change by being the change we want to see in the world.  Whether in our most intimate exchanges, or at the level of our engagement as citizens in political processes, our full consent is vital - and often not fully realised. 

Exploring this as an artist means exploring the form, not just the content, of my work.  That means questionning the power dynamic between artist and audience, and looking for ways for people to engage with full agency and autonomy in the work I make - and it's a real challenge.  Consent is much more complex than a simple yes and no - it's something we negotiate and navigate in every interaction we make.  If we can do this more effectively, then we can resolve conflict, build consensus, and learn how to disagree more effectively - and that could change the world.

I am also growing a small, activist community via Facebook which some may wish to join at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1689406901169149/ and a regular blog that informs this work, sharing my experiences of living and loving, conducting my own intimate relationships within consent http://loveoffscript.co.uk/

I will probably come back here to post more before the event, but I thought it would be useful to make this post now.  I am very much looking forward to opening up this conversation with you via IETM


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image of Jenny Wilson

I have been finalising my presentation and I thought it might be useful to signpost some other great consent resources.

Firstly I want to direct you to Upwording - this is a project exploring how we use language to change the way we think and to create change. http://www.upwording.com/

Next, I want to suggest you read or download Meg-John Barker's excellent new zine exploring consent and providing a checklist for applying consent in practice in all kinds of situations - it really is excellent: https://www.rewriting-the-rules.com/zines/#1570712847485-79489f1b-f52a


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