Life on Mars - Toward a Metamorphosis?, 10-11 September, Milan

Life on Mars  - "Toward a metamorphosis?

How are institutions changing today? How are artists interpreting their role? Which

are the practices that are inspiring the cultural sector nowadays based on new models

of social inclusion, cultural and political participation? What programs are being enacted

under cultural policy? What focused actions are artists and organizations taking?

Are they representing a field in which top-down and bottom-up forces can work



Life on Mars 2019 - "Toward a metamorphosis?"will take place in Milan the 10th and the 11th of September 2019 reflects on the paradigm-shift in the artistic practices, in the cultural policies, and on the theme of "cultural resistance”. The latter is here understood as a transformational outlook designed to bring into being cultural bodies that rethink their artistic, social and political mission in favour of an inclusive society, drawing strength from diversity (no matter what the form) while experimenting with different approaches, policies and practices (artistic and managerial) of collaboration and sustainable development.

Life on Mars 2019 - "Toward a metamorphosis" is a moment of networking that aims to propose an exchange of equal footing between artists, institutions, researchers and cultural professionals, using participatory formats that offer opportunities of discussion and new relationships.


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