International network
for contemporary
performing arts

Réseau international
pour les arts du spectacle

Rete internazionale
per le arti performative


Internationales Netzwerk
für zeitgenössische
darstellende Künste

Международная сеть современного 

Red internacional
para las artes escénicas

Internationaal netwerk
voor hedendaagse

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Rede internacional
para as artes performativas

الشبكة الدولية
لفنون الأداء

í sviðslistum

Xarxa internacional
d'arts escèniques

Rhwydwaith rhyngwladol
ar gyfer celfyddydau
perfformio cyfoes

Rrjeti ndërkombëtar
për artet skenike

Διεθνές δίκτυο
για σύγχρονες
παραστατικές τέχνες

Međunarodna mreža 
za savremene 
scenske umjetnosti

Mezinárodní síť 
pro současné 
divadelní umění

International netværk
for kontemporær

Internasionale netwerk
vir kontemporêre
uitvoerende kunste

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Nemzetközi hálózat
a kortárs


líonra idirnáisiúnta
na taibhealaíona

Starptautiskais tīkls
skatuves mākslai

Netwerk internazzjonali
għall-arti performattivi

Międzynarodowa sieć
na rzecz współczesnych sztuk

Internationellt nätverk
för samtida

Međunarodna mreža
savremenih izvođačkih

Международна мрежа
за съвременни
сценични изкуства

Rrjet ndërkombëtar
për arte skenike

Міжнародная сетка
перфарматыўных мастацтваў

Međunarodna mreža
za suvremene
izvedbene umjetnosti


kaasaegsete etenduskunstide

현대 공연 예술을 위한 국제 네트워크

Tarptautinis tinklas
scenos menai

Интернационална мрежа
за современа
изведувачка уметност

شبکۀ بین المللی
برای هنرهای نمایشی معاصر

Rețeaua internațională
pentru artele spectacolului

Medzinárodná sieť
pre súčasné
scénické umenie

gösteri sanatları için
uluslararası iletişim ağı

iCoDaCo open call for dance artists

CALL FOR ARTISTS BASED IN SWEDEN - International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo) 2024-2027


International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo) 2024-2027 

ilDance, the international coordinator and Swedish partner in the European cooperation project International Contemporary Dance Collective 2024-2027, is  excited to announce the call for independent dance artists with a contemporary approach to join/form a new collective for the next three years. 

As part of the collective, artists will contribute to and develop knowledge production and research, create new works and presentations and carry out community and outreach work. The project is designed to support and enable sustainable careers and practices of the artists, whilst they contribute to the development of an open-source digital contemporary dance library.

This call is suitable for artists who are based anywhere in, have the majority of their professional activity taking place in, and spend the majority of their time residing in Sweden. 

The artists should have an interest in and be passionate about exploring the boundaries of dance, embracing diverse perspectives and contributing to a global dialogue through their artistic practice.

About iCoDaCo:

iCoDaCo 2024-2027 is a large European cooperation project co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by ilDance. The project has taken place since 2012 in different constellations, variations, geographical locations and with different partnerships and focuses.

The 2024-2027 edition will focus on developing and implementing alternative and innovative strategies and methodologies for the creation and dissemination of contemporary dance. The aim is to improve the landscape and opportunities for contemporary dance artists, and their producers, presenters, communities and audiences in Europe and beyond. The project will bring together contemporary dance artists from 12 European countries to form nine collectives who work together to forge new knowledge, methodologies and practices. The aim is to enhance and evolve sustainability, accessibility and innovation within the contemporary dance field, as well as strengthen the contribution of dance knowledge to adjacent sectors and other parts of society.

In addition to in-person knowledge production and research residencies, creation processes and public presentations, iCoDaCo 2024-2027 will develop the world's first open-access digital platform for contemporary dance practices. All the artists in the project will contribute both their individual and their collective knowledge to this platform; its aim is to  enhance knowledge sharing, cooperation, collaboration and accessibility in contemporary dance globally, whilst preserving and strengthening the physical and empirical dimensions of the art form.

iCoDaCo is a context for choreographic innovation and cultural exchange, emphasizing the political and social implications of dance. We are committed to fostering a creative environment that respects diverse movement traditions and encourages the participation of artists from various backgrounds. The aim of the project is that it will be accessible to a broad audience ensuring relevance to and engagement of communities.

The involvement of the artists in the project will foster connections between remote geographical locations worldwide. This approach is aimed at reducing the ecological impact of dance making and presentation on our environment.

The Sweden-based Collective:

This Open Call is for six Sweden-based dance artists to join the collective in Sweden,  for which ilDance will be responsible for, in addition to being the  international project coordinator.

ilDance is an independent production body which is dedicated to contemporary dance and performance art. ilDance works from Gothenburg, Sweden, and operates both nationally and internationally. For more information visit 

Project structure:

Within iCoDaCo 2024-2027, nine national collectives from Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Czechia, Latvia, Hungary, and Georgia will work together closely, engaging in frequent collaboration, exchange, and practice-sharing digitally throughout the project. 

Beyond the artistic collaboration, the project offers a broad and multilayered support system for the artists, including mentorship, assistance, guidance, learning opportunities and advice.

Furthermore, the project structure includes an 'encompassing collective' of three artist-researchers: Israel Aloni, Lee Brummer and Sebastian Matthias. They will witness the knowledge production and creation processes and reflect upon the wide-ranging perspectives that transcend a specific geographical location or a particular collective.

The role of artists in iCoDaCo 2024-2027

In the iCoDaCo 2024-2027 programme the artists will participate in the following: 

Knowledge production - Multifaceted Residency Program (Nov 2024 - Feb 2026) 

  • The artists will participate in an extensive residency program, thematically designed to spark innovation and facilitate deep research. This includes a series of both short and prolonged residencies, fostering a space for creative exploration and exchange. During the residencies, the artists will engage in a collaboration with the other international collectives (in other geographic locations). The artists will be asked to offer a reflection about each of the themes at the end of each residency. These contributions will later be shared on the newly developed iCoDaCo open access digital platform.
  • In total there are 15 weeks of knowledge production (research) residencies which are divided into 8 residencies (1 of one week and 7 of two weeks each) 

All 9 collectives will be in residency at the same time, each in their respective countries. Each week will have a theme that all the collectives will be addressing (TIERS). For each TIER the collective will receive stimuli to assist them in the research process. These stimuli will not dictate the approach, methodology or process with which the collectives will address the particular TIER. The approach, methodology and process will be developed and articulated by the collective. Each collective might develop a different approach. There is no need for unanimity or homogeneity. 

  • At the end of each week, each collective will be asked to share their collective reflection upon the TIER. For some of the tiers, collective contributions will be required in a specific format/medium predetermined by the encompassing collective (e/g. text, video, sound files, sketches, memes, photographs etc).
  • There will be no dimension of formal critique to what the collectives share at the end of each week residency. The feedback is already implicit in the very format of the project and by working in the context of a collective, by being part of an international collaborative project with other collectives and by having to articulate one’s reflections, impressions and process. There are many opportunities for self-feedback and reflection. 
  • Each week in residency, there will also be a midweek opportunity for check in with artists from the other collectives. Here the artists can raise thoughts/ideas with the other collectives and the encompassing collective if they choose to do so. This would be in response to the will/request of the artists and not as an obligation within the structure of the project. 
  • Each individual artist (from all the collectives) will be required to submit their own contribution/reflection/conclusion for each of the 15 TIERS proposed within the project structure. The format/medium of the individual contributions will be chosen by the individual themselves (text, video, sketch, sound file, photograph, meme etc). 

Collaborative Creation Process (Spring 2027)

  • 6-week collaborative creation process based on knowledge and practices which will have been developed during the research and knowledge production phases of the project. 
  • After the knowledge production phase of the project, each collective will be asked to develop a new piece which is based on (a realization of) the score/manual that will have been developed by the entirety of iCoDaCo artists in the “local” collectives and the encompassing collective. This piece will be created during 6 weeks of a creation process in addition to the 15 weeks knowledge production process and then presented as part of the mini-festival (see below). 

Engagement with Communities (throughout the project)

  • In iCoDaCo we extend the reach of dance by connecting with various communities, including amateurs, students, and marginalized groups, through a range of activities such as workshops, classes and talks. Which communities to connect with, in what way and when will be discussed and decided upon together with the artists. 
  • The artists will also engage in community outreach, public events and practice sharing in local/national contexts (workshops, classes, artist talks, seminars, satellite creations* etc). 

*Satellite creations are brief (max 2 weeks) processes with a group of people (dancers, dance students or other groups such as elderly, athletes, firms etc. which will depend on the interest of the artist/s) in which the iCoDaCo knowledge and processes are being implemented. These two weeks are additional to the knowledge production, creation and mini-festival (see below) work times.

Professional Development (throughout the project) 

  • Access a series of seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at fostering professional growth and facilitating expansive networking opportunities across Europe.
  • One-to-one mentorship and advice sessions with experts depending on the needs and the intentions of each artist.

Mini-Festival(s) Participation (2 weeks in Spring - Summer 2027)

  • Contribution to and participation in vibrant mini-festival(s) programs, which include performances, workshops, artist talks and lecture demonstrations of the iCoDaCo open access digital platform for contemporary dance practices. The mini-festival programs will include hybrid in-person and digital activities led by members of iCoDaCo collectives and collaborators. 
  • All the collectives in iCoDaCo 2024-2027 will present their new collective piece in the mini-festival(s) program which will take place in various geographic locations simultaneously, and therefore will enable interactivity amongst different artists and communities through digital, virtual and hybrid mediums.

Contribution to Collective Knowledge (throughout the project)

  • Documenting and sharing the creative process and the journey in iCoDaCo 2024-2027 on the iCoDaCo open access digital platform, and, by doing so, taking part in a collective pool of knowledge and artistic exploration.
  • The artists must be willing to deal with digital formats, getting to know them, how to work with and utilise them throughout the project. They must be willing to respond to certain digital and analog formats and mediums, sometimes translating aspects of their own practice into digital forms and documenting how their own practice will be evolving throughout the project. 

Active Role in Media and Communication (throughout the project) 

  • The artists will be asked to participate in marketing, communication and PR activities which will enhance the visibility of iCoDaCo both locally and internationally. These activities will also offer the artists visibility as ambassadors of the project across renown dance events and platforms. 

General timeline:

The project commenced in January 2024 and will conclude in September 2027, with the main activities happening as follows 

November 2024 - February  2026: Knowledge production process

The already confirmed dates for the residencies in this part of the project are:

25.11.- 01.12 2024      

03.03 - 16.03 2025      

21.04 - 04.05 2025      

02.06 - 15.06 2025      

15.09 - 29.09 2025

Specific dates for further residencies (additional 6 weeks divided to 3 residencies of 2 weeks each Oct 2025 - Feb 2026) to be confirmed soon. 

Spring 2027: Collective creation processes

Spring - Summer 2027: iCoDaCo mini-festivals 

Throughout the project and in between the periods mentioned above, the artists will be engaging in the community outreach program, professional development and learning activities and some self-driven processes of making their contributions for the iCoDaCo open access digital platform. 

The artists’ engagement will be in periods within the written time frame and is not full time. The specific work periods will be negotiated and agreed upon in communication with the artists and the project partners. 

What We Ask For / requirements from applying artists:

  • From age 18 (at the time of application) with no top age limit. 
  • Artists with a contemporary approach to their practice and to dance. This is not indicating a certain aesthetic of a particular genre rather a dynamic relation with the now. Bringing in a critical lens into the situatedness of dance in artistic, social, political and cultural contexts. This means that the artists may have developed their contemporary practice through urban dance, folkdance, traditional dance, classical, contemporary or postmodern dance, circus, performance art or any other lineage.
  • Based in Sweden, meaning having the majority of their professional activity and spending the majority of their time residing in Sweden. 
  • Availability for the entire mentioned time frame (to the best of the ability of the individual to know their reality in the coming years). 
  • Interest in and willingness to work collectively and jointly with other artists. Open mindedness and curiosity to venture into a truly collective and collaborative process. 
  • Interest in working in relation to the current development of contemporary dance practices in local, national and international contexts. 
  • With significant experience of dance making and research. 
  • The applicants are required to have a substantial professional experience of dance making to facilitate a reciprocal and dynamic exchange with other artists in the project.
  • Also willing and interested in situating their own physical body (performing body) in the work, as the research will be done with the artists in the collective researching also (not only) with their own bodies. 
  • Willing and interested in connecting with people and communities throughout the process through workshops, artist talks, presentations and communication events.
  • We encourage artists with different and varied bodies, abilities, background, identity and statuses to apply. 
  • A willingness to engage in multiple formats (text, video, sketches, sound files etc) and contribute with content to the iCoDaCo open access digital platform.
  • In iCoDaCo the primary working language will be English, applicants will need to be comfortable using English in the work environment. 

Terms and honorarium:

Artists’ working periods:

  • 15 weeks of knowledge production and research 
  • 6 weeks of collective creation process
  • 2 weeks mini-festivals 
  • 2-6 weeks of additional community outreach, communication, content creation etc. 

The work weeks will be spread out from November 2024 - June 2027

All the artists in the Sweden based collective will be paid a flat fee of 750 EUR per week

All travel, accommodation and subsistence (per diem) costs related to the project will be covered by iCoDaCo. The project will also offer each collective a set production budget for the collective creation in 2027. 

Application Process:

To apply to be one of the six artists in the Sweden based collective of iCoDaCo 2024-2027 please fill in the application form (in English) where you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Biography
  • Describe the important moments in your professional and training experiences thus far. 
  • Please mention moments and/or experience which you think have influenced your current artistic practice. (max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min)
  1. Personal statement explaining your interest in the iCoDaCo. Please mention why you are submitting this application and why you think it is a good moment in your artistic practice to join a collective research and creation process such as this.  (max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min) 
  2. What do you think of the potentials and the challenges that might occur within a collective artistic process? This might be based on previous experiences or predictions you might have for future endeavours.(max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min) 
  3. Contemporary dance. In what way is your practice contemporary? Is it not contemporary in some way? In what way? In what way is your practice dance? Is it not Dance in some way? In what way? (max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min) 
  4. What is your relationship to Sweden? Where are you situated? Where do you work mostly? Are you situated in one place? Do you travel a lot in the country? Do you have contexts in other geographic locations or countries? (max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min) 
  5. Now and the near future. What are you currently busy with? What themes occupy your practice or day to day? What do you have lined up in the coming 1-2 years?  (max 500 words in a 1 PDF page OR a video of you talking - max 4 min) 


Applications must be submitted by 12th of May 2024 at 00:00 (midnight) Sweden time (CET) on the following link.

All applicants will be contacted by the 2nd of June 2024. The next stage of the process will include a conversation with ilDance’s director Israel Aloni and iCoDaCo International Project Manager Giordana Patumi. We are aiming to finalise the recruitment process and notify ALL the applicants by the beginning of July 2024. 

Information Sessions

We are pleased to announce two scheduled information sessions for the Sweden Based Collective Open Call. These sessions aim to provide detailed insights into the application process and offer an overview of the collective's objectives and initiatives.

Scheduled Dates and Times:

- 22nd of April at 19:00 CET

- 26th of April at 10:00 CET

Link in the open call:

We highly encourage interested artists to participate in these sessions to gain comprehensive knowledge and clarity regarding the Sweden Based Collective Open Call.

With any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Giordana Patumi at

For more information visit

Invited artists will be welcomed into the iCoDaCo project through an innovative and interactive online kickoff meeting, designed to introduce all participants across the various collectives in an engaging and dynamic way. This initial gathering aims to go beyond the conventional Zoom meeting to ensure active participation and meaningful connections among artists, rather than a passive listening experience.