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"Themes" is a stream of content generated or created by both IETM staff and our members. In focus are the subjects we consider essential in the contemporary performing arts today: the relationship with the audience, EU cultural policies, diversity & inclusion, sustainability of the sector, the value of the arts in society, and the paradigms, challenges and aspirations faced by the sector in different parts of the globe.

Eric Corijn
IETM Brussels Plenary Meeting, 23 - 26 November 2017, gathered 837 participants from 46 different countries across the globe to discuss the position of the arts in the age of populism. Watch the video recording of the meeting’s opening keynote speech “Art in the age of populism” by Eric Corijn and read the transcript below.
The relationship between art and populism was at the heart of the conversations at IETM Brussels, enriched by more than 800 voices from across the globe. Read what the meeting was all about in our review.
Our newest publication Life off-stage - Survival guide for creative arts professionals, provides tips and resources that can help professionals of the performing arts field to better navigate into the sector’s practical, technical, political and ethical challenges. The toolkit is produced in collaboration with FIA - the International Federation of Actors and UNI MEI - the global union in the media, entertainment, and arts.
Unlimited’s Senior Producer Jo Verrent attended the IETM Brussels Plenary Meeting from 23 to 26 November, along with Sara Dziadik, Unlimited Programme Coordinator, and James Zatka-Haas, Unlimited Trainee. IETM is an international network of organisations and individual members working within contemporary performing arts. Twice a year it organises ‘meetings’ across Europe, as a gathering point to meet, discuss current issues, and exchange ideas for collaboration.
Did you know that the ability to access, participate in and contribute to cultural life is considered a human right? In the latest episode of the Culture Sector podcast, “Talking about Culture”, Karima Bennoune, the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about cultural rights, including: What are cultural rights? What is their basis in international law? Can cultural rights ever be used to justify limits on the rights of women and girls? You can listen to this fascinating podcast here.
Toolkit on women harassment by Waking the Feminists, Ireland
This free toolkit is a simple guide to help freelance workers and employees of any gender if they are experiencing bullying or harassment. It provides advice on making a complaint at work, or a criminal complaint, and includes useful information on who to contact and links to further information.
Photo by Oussama Tabti
Identity, nation, violence, migration, displacement, borders, fears, anxieties... The continent of Europe is teeming with tensions and issues that are both real and fictional. And it continues to build walls that serve no purpose because they are porous, and comfort zones that are ephemeral due to rising inequalities and increasing populist discourse. Is Europe heading for political immobilism?
Sylvia Botella interroge le sociologue Éric Fassin sur son point de vue sur le lien entre la sociologie, les arts du spectacle et la politique à l'ère du populisme.
Sylvia Botella interviews sociologist Éric Fassin about his views on the connection between sociology, the performing arts, and politics in the age of populism.
In a story rarely told before, this is an invitation to discover a different and surprising Iran, and to experience its dynamic art scene. Most art forms in Iran are closely monitored and artists have to perform discretely, staging shows in caves, private art galleries or isolated fields where officials won’t see them.


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