International network
for contemporary
performing arts

Réseau international
pour les arts du spectacle

Rete internazionale
per le arti performative


Internationales Netzwerk
für zeitgenössische
darstellende Künste

Международная сеть современного 

Red internacional
para las artes escénicas

Internationaal netwerk
voor hedendaagse

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Rede internacional
para as artes performativas

الشبكة الدولية
لفنون الأداء

í sviðslistum

Xarxa internacional
d'arts escèniques

Rhwydwaith rhyngwladol
ar gyfer celfyddydau
perfformio cyfoes

Rrjeti ndërkombëtar
për artet skenike

Διεθνές δίκτυο
για σύγχρονες
παραστατικές τέχνες

Međunarodna mreža 
za savremene 
scenske umjetnosti

Mezinárodní síť 
pro současné 
divadelní umění

International netværk
for kontemporær

Internasionale netwerk
vir kontemporêre
uitvoerende kunste

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Nemzetközi hálózat
a kortárs


líonra idirnáisiúnta
na taibhealaíona

Starptautiskais tīkls
skatuves mākslai

Netwerk internazzjonali
għall-arti performattivi

Międzynarodowa sieć
na rzecz współczesnych sztuk

Internationellt nätverk
för samtida

Međunarodna mreža
savremenih izvođačkih

Международна мрежа
за съвременни
сценични изкуства

Rrjet ndërkombëtar
për arte skenike

Міжнародная сетка
перфарматыўных мастацтваў

Međunarodna mreža
za suvremene
izvedbene umjetnosti


kaasaegsete etenduskunstide

현대 공연 예술을 위한 국제 네트워크

Tarptautinis tinklas
scenos menai

Интернационална мрежа
за современа
изведувачка уметност

شبکۀ بین المللی
برای هنرهای نمایشی معاصر

Rețeaua internațională
pentru artele spectacolului

Medzinárodná sieť
pre súčasné
scénické umenie

gösteri sanatları için
uluslararası iletişim ağı

Caravan Kosovo
24 - 29.10.2023

On this page you will find all the relevant practical information to help you plan your trip to and stay in Prishtina.

As always, don’t forget to pack lightly. Please consider bringing your walking shoes and a warm coat for the evening. Please bring your own water bottle and mug.

Please also use the IETM forum to share your suggestions on how to minimise your footprint travelling to and from this Meeting.

You can click on the links below to jump ahead to the desired section.



In the city

Prishtina is a difficult city to navigate in a wheelchair and for people with visual impairments.

There are a number of crossings in the city centre that are equipped with acoustic traffic lights, but there is no tactile paving in the city.

Moreover, most buildings and public transport vehicles are not wheelchair accessible in Prishtina. Sidewalks are high and not always equipped with ramps and there is a lot of illegal parking on sidewalks in the city, which could block your passage.

To know more about accessibility for the IETM Kosovo Caravan Meeting, please go to: meeting venues, accommodation, restaurants.

At the meeting

It is our aim to make the IETM Kosovo Caravan Meeting as accessible as possible. However, it may not be possible to offer all access requirements at every location. We therefore recommend that you check the location of your interest beforehand. 

The accessibility of each venue will be uploaded upon confirmation of the full programme. 

All accessibility details are collected based on the information received from the venues' staff and their websites. If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch with the venues directly.

There will be a range of accessibility features available at the meeting.

As we have budget restrictions and are dependent on the local infrastructure, we cannot always guarantee that the conditions will be the same from one meeting to another. Nevertheless, for this meeting we are able to:

  • Offer preferential rates for disabled participants;
  • Offer a free registration for your support worker;
  • Offer our assistance before the meeting in order to answer your questions and to make accommodations to your access needs;
  • Send you a large print version of the programme;
  • Offer English subtitles for all performances in Albanian;
  • Provide speech-to-text captions for all panel discussions of the meeting. Details of these services will be available online upon confirmation of the full programme.

If you have any accessibility questions or requests, please get in touch with us by writing to



Prishtina (Prishtinë/Pristina) is the vibrant capital of Kosovo; a young country (still the youngest in Europe) that declared its independence in 2008. The city hosts inhabitants from all parts of Kosovo as well as other neighbouring countries, especially Albanian speaking territories of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and Serbia. Kosovo has a very young population: 56% are under 25 years old and 75% are younger than 35 years old. Most of the people younger than 50 (which is more than 85% of population) speak English. People and food are considered to be its biggest tourist attractions. According to Yahoo travels, the best Macchiato in the world can be found in Kosovo!

Kosovo has a continental climate with all four seasons, and expected temperatures will range from 4ºC early mornings and nights to maximums of around 18ºC in late October.

Please be advised that Prishtina has several stray dogs on its streets. Be careful not to wander alone too much late at night, especially in the area around the National Library. In case of an encounter with a pack of stray dogs - keep calm, maintain a sensible distance and walk past slowly. Do not run away or confront the dogs.


Prishtina has three active theatres: the National Theatre of Kosovo (Teatri Kombëtar), ODA Theatre and DODONA Theatre.

Teatri ODA (ODA Theatre)

Address: Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve, 10030 Prishtinë

ODA is an independent organisation committed to professional development of the theatrical art, encouraging inter-relations with other arts and building strong arts and culture foundations for coming generations. ODA is determined to play its role in strengthening the cultural sector within society and powerfully influence on building a democratic and open Kosovo.

You will be able to pick-up your badge and welcome pack at Teatri ODA during the entirety of the showcase.

At Teatri Oda, we will be using the following spaces:

  • Café Bar ODA
  • Main Hall

Accessibility: The venue is not wheelchair accessible, as you need to use a staircase to enter the café and the main theatre hall. 

National Theatre of Kosovo (Teatri Kombëtar)

Address: Teatri Kombëtar

The National Theatre of Kosovo (in Albanian Teatri Kombëtar) was founded in 1946 in the city of Prizren, as the first professional theatre in Kosovo after World War II. It is the theatre institution in the country with the largest number of productions. The National Theatre is financed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. This theatre has produced more than 400 premieres which have been watched by more than 3 million spectators.

Barabar Centre

Address: Zahir Pajaziti Square, Grand Hotel Prishtina, 4th floor

Barabar Centre is a joint initiative brought together by the civil society organisations INTEGRA and CASA. With a hub in Pristina, it focuses on developing trust and inclusive open dialogue among all members of the diverse multi-ethnic society of Kosovo, through cultural, artistic, public information, capacity building, education, awareness raising, and advocacy actions. The Barabar Centre offers a permanent safe space that serves as an open channel of communication and expression of ideas for all communities in Kosovo. It aims to increase direct contact and exchange between civil society, academia, media, as well as youth and women’s groups, promoting and contributing to the prospects of a genuine and durable peace. 

The establishment of the Barabar Centre is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

Boro and Ramiz (Palace of Youth and Sports)

Address: Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve, 10030 Prishtinë

The welcome reception takes place upstairs of Boro and Ramiz in the Plato room. The entrance to the Boro and Ramiz theatre is from behind the New Born Monument, but after the show, there is a staircase to access the Plato.

Accessibility: The venue is not wheelchair accessible

Adriana City Theatre of Ferizaj

Address: Teatri Adriana, Dëshmorët e Kombit, Ferizaj

Adriana City Theatre of Ferizaj was established in the 30s. It is the only theatre in the city and is publicly owned. After the ‘99 war in Kosovo, the theatre was named after Adriana Abdullahu, an actress from Ferizaj who was killed in a Serbian military attack in Prishtina in March 1999, just a few days before the NATO bombings. 

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

City Theatre of Gjilan

Address: Teatri i Gjilanit, Gjilan

The City Theatre of Gjilan was founded in 1944. It mainly functioned with amateur actors. Since 1971 when Muharrem Shahiqi, a renowned actor, having been educated in Skopje, came and started working at the theatre together with Fetah Mehmeti, a director educated in theatre directing at the University of Belgrade, the theatre has been functioning as a professional theatre. It is publicly owned and is the only theatre in the Municipality of Gjilan.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. 

City Theatre Hadi Shehu

Address: Rrugë Anton Kukeli 2 Gjakovë

The City of Gjakova has a long history of theatre making, when theatre was done in schools in the early 20st century. However, today’s “Hadi Shehu City Theatre of Gjakova” was only established in 1976 and was closed in the ‘90s due to the systemic repression against the Kosovo Albanians from the Slobodan Milosevic regime. Before the ‘90s, it was called The People’s Theater of Gjakova”. After the ‘99 war in Kosovo, the theatre was opened again. The theatre was named after the renowned Gjakova actor Hadi Shehu following his death in 2017. The theatre is part of the Cultural House of Gjakova.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

The House of Ferdonije Museum

Address: 7 Martirët Qerkezi XK, Gjakovë 50000

On March 27 1999, Serbian Paramilitary Forces abducted Ferdonije Qerkezi's four sons and husband. They never returned alive. The remains of her husband and two of her sons are still missing. Ms Qerkezi has kept the house as it was when she was left behind completely alone, as a testament to a life that she remembers as a very happy and lively one, but also to the collective pain of the families of over 1,600 missing persons from the 1999 war in Kosovo. 

Accessibility: The venue is not wheelchair accessible as you need to use a staircase to enter

Art Gallery of the City of Gjekova

Address: Rrugë Anton Kukeli 2 Gjakovë

See above under the Hadi Shehu Theatre. The Art Gallery of the City of Gjakova is part of the Cultural House of Gjakova.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

Lumbardhi Cinema 

Address:  Kino Lumbardhi, 6P5R+X22, Medina, Prizren

Lumbardhi Cinema was founded in 1952 in Prizren, at the time’s Socialist Jugoslavia. Opened as part of a modern cultural construction in a just-established country, in the beginning it only served with the indoor cinema. In 1959, the iconic outdoor cinema was made available for the public. Until the military intervention in 1999, Lumbardhi worked as a cinema which was governed as a public self-managed institution.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. 

DODONA Theatre of the City of Prishtina

Address: Xhelal Mitrovica no.41, Pristina, Kosovo

Established in the mid-eighties with 167 seats in total, the Dodona Puppet Theatre catered to the youth cultural needs. Two well-known theatre directors Borislav Mrkšić and Melihate Qena created Dodona’s brilliant children’s theatre cast. In the early ‘90s, expelled from the People’s Province Theatre and University of Pristina, the troupe of Albanian actors and students of the Acting Department moved their rehearsals to Dodona Puppet Theatre. During this decade, Dodona worked in two shifts: in the morning, she staged children’s plays while in the evening, dramas and comedies for adults. Due to budget cuts, the production of plays was poor, but the audiences still went because Dodona was one of the few places of cultural expression for Albanians in that period.

Accessibility: Main stage is wheelchair accessible.



Click here for a map of all venues, restaurants and hotels.


Getting to Prishtina

Don’t forget to bring your passport when travelling to Kosovo and to check with your bank and phone service provider regarding any extra fees.

IETM is a strong advocate for encouraging low environmental impact travel, and we therefore encourage you to travel by land if you are able to.

Please note that travel grant applications for category 1 or 2 IETM members closed on 28 March.

By train

Train travel is a rewarding way of travelling which reduces your contribution to climate change and brings you closer to the country you visit. On your journey you can relax, read a book, take a nap or dive into the programme of the IETM Caravan Kosovo.

However, Prishtina is not easy to reach by train but there are a few regional lines available to and from Prishtina. Prishtina train station is the main railway station, and you can view the location here.

Alternatively, we encourage you to reach cities such as Budapest, Vienna or Zagreb via the main European railways and finish your journey using a bus to Prishtina. Learn more about potential train routes across Europe on Trainline or Omio.

Important: The daily direct train connection from Skopje to Prishtina is currently under renovation, so make sure to factor this into your planning, especially if you are landing in Skopje. 

By coach

Coach travel is the easiest way to reach Prishtina by land, as there are many connections to and from neighbouring countries and other cities in the region, Skopje (North Macedonia), Tirana (Albania) and Podgorica (Montenegro). Please note that Flixbus is not operating in Kosovo. You can plan your bus journey on Rome2Rio or GetByBus.

Prishtina Bus Station is located 2 km away from the city centre and you can view the location here.

By ferry

There are a couple of ferry connections to Albania from Italy.

You can connect to Durrës (Durazzo) in Albania in approximately 11 hours from Bari and in 16 hours from Ancona. The return fare costs approximately €150. Once in Durrës, a 5 hour bus trip from Durrës will take you straight to Prishtina and will cost around €15, one way.

Car pooling

If you choose to drive to Prishtina, don’t forget to ask other participants if they want to share a ride by posting on our Forum. Prishtina has direct connections to the European motorway networks, making it easy to get to and from most European cities. 

Please note that Prishtina can be a difficult city to park in. Public parking in Prishtina is managed by the public company Prishtina Parking - please note that the website is in Albanian, you should be able to translate depending on your browser.

Private parking providers start at 1€ per hour. Public parking is the cheapest and the most central location is the parking provided by ‘Prishtina Parking’, which is behind ODA. The cost is 0,30€ per hour or 15€ for 24h, taking a ticket upon arrival and paying when you exit. 

Other public spots, apart from on the street, are paid by SMS but only with local phones. Fares in Zone 1 are 1€ per hour, for a maximum stay of 2 hours and 0,50€ per hour for a maximum stay of 3 hours in Zone 2.

By air

Taking the plane is the quickest way to travel to Prishtina, with direct flights from Brussels, Milan, London, Istanbul, Vienna, Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt and more. 

Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari is located 17km away from the city centre. You can view the airport’s location here

The A1 bus will take you from Prishtina International Airport to the centre of Prishtina for 3€. Learn more about tickets and the schedule here.

You can also take a taxi from Prishtina International Airport to the centre for around 15€. We recommend booking your taxi in advance with Blue Taxi or Tesla Taxi, since the taxis stationed outside the airport cost 25€.

Taking a flight to Skopje in North Macedonia is another option to reach Prishtina in Kosovo, as Skopje is located 1h15mn away by car. You can view Skopje International Airport’s location here

If you are flying to Skopje Airport, you can travel to Prishtina either directly by taxi or by bus. There are licensed taxis available around the clock, without a reservation, for around 70€. You can also book a taxi in advance, for a cheaper price. We would recommend either of the following two services (download their mobile app to book): 

  • Dallas Taxi: 60€
  • Online Taxi: 50€

You can take the airport shuttle to Skopje and the schedule is available here. After that, you can take a bus from Skopje to Prishtina and the bus schedule is available here.

Getting Around

By foot

In Prishtina, most locations are conveniently within walking distance, making walking the strongly recommended primary mode of transportation during this meeting.

By bike

Although many bike lanes have been built and incorporated in urban traffic lanes, Prishtina is not a suitable city for bikes as there are hills surrounding the city centre, as well as obstacles in traffic and illegal parking.

Public transport

Trafiku Urban (TU) is the public transport company owned by the Municipality of Prishtina, operating the bus lines in the urban area. One bus ticket costs €0,50 and a 24 hour ticket  costs €0,80 and shall be paid to the bus conductor. Learn more about the bus lines and schedule here

We also recommend you check the website Girafa for information on how to get around Prishtina and its surroundings. 


Taxis are commonly used to get around the city. You can often find taxis waiting at the following locations in Prishtina:

Blue Taxi 

How to book: +38 344 800 900 or Booking also works on the Blue Taxi app available on Google Play or Apple Store.

Fare estimates: The starting price is 2€ and then 0,75€ per km.

E-Taxi Tesla

How to book: you can call the company at +0800  501  50 or mobile numbers +044 501 501, +048 501 501 or +049 501 501, book on the company website here or use their app here.

Fare estimates: The starting price is 2€ and then 0,75€ per km.



Share a room or host an IETM participant

Looking for someone to share a room with? Post your accommodation offer or find a bunkmate on our Forum.



We have negotiated discounted rates for Caravan participants with two hotels in Prishtina for Caravan participants.

The rates include VAT (8%) and breakfast, unless detailed differently.

Royal Hotel ***

Address: M554+4HG, Pashko Vasa, Prishtina


Type of room

Per night, per room

Single room

53 EUR

Double room

70 EUR

Hotel Royal offers discount rates for Caravan participants for nights between 23 and 30 October.

How to book?

To benefit from the deal, write an email directly to and mention 'IETM Caravan Meeting Kosovo, organised by Teatri ODA & Qendra Multimedia'. This deal is effective until the hotel rooms are fully booked.

Accessibility: Royal Hotel is accessible to wheelchair users.

Hotel Parlament ****

Address: Zenel Salihu Nr.1, Prishtina, Kosovo


Type of room

Per night, per room

Double room single occupancy

40 EUR

Double room

60 EUR

Twin room

60 EUR

Hotel Parlament offers discounts for Caravan participants for nights between 23 and 30 October.

How to book? 

Hotel Parliament is now fully booked.


Hotel Parlament has a staircase entrance and is not wheelchair accessible. 

Hotel Prishtina****

Address: 20 Pashko Vasa, Prishtina 10000


Type of room

Per night, per room

Single room


Double room


How to book: 

To benefit from the deal, write an email directly to before 15 October 2023, mentioning ‘IETM Caravan Meeting Kosovo, organised by Teatri ODA & Qendra Multimedia’.



A number of light snacks may be served in case there is little time to grab some food in between activities. All meals served at the IETM Caravan will be locally sourced and vegetarian. Please make sure to communicate any allergies or dietary requirements beforehand via your IETM profile.



Most restaurants in Prishtina are open from noon until midnight. You will find many options around the city centre, whether you want to eat a full meal or just grab a coffee or a snack.

Wheelchair access is difficult in Prishtina and most restaurants are only accessible through a staircase, and are not equipped with wheelchair adapted toilets.

Please note that Kosovo has a smoking ban in all public indoor areas and private businesses - including restaurants, entertainment venues, workplaces etc. 

There are a variety of delicious vegetarian restaurants in Prishtina which we have listed below.

Coffee & drinks

LULU'S coffee & wine

Address: Simon Shiroka, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Every day, from 7:30 - 00:00

Price range: Drinks from €2 to €5

You can enjoy unique coffees, sandwiches and sweets during the day time and selected wines and other alcoholic beverages at night. You can also buy the books that are displayed, with sections where you can enjoy books and magazines.

Accessibility: The entrance is step-free but the toilets are not wheelchair accessible.

Café Bar ODA (inside Teatri ODA)

Address: Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Every day, from 09:00 - 00:00

Café ODA is a cosy underground bar and café in the lobby of Teatri ODA. It offers soft and alcoholic beverages at a good price and it will be the meeting’s main late night meeting point. 

Please note that payments are cash only and that smoking is not permitted in Café Bar ODA.

Accessibility: The access to Café Bar ODA is not step free, as there is a staircase to access the main floor of the venue. The venue is also not equipped with wheelchair adapted toilets.

Mulliri i Vjetër Prishtinë

Address: Luan Haradinaj, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Every day, from 07:00 to 23:00

Located 3 minutes away from Teatri ODA, Mulliri serves different sorts of coffee, sweets and snacks.

Accessibility: The access to Mulliri is not step free, as there is a staircase to get inside. However, there are tables outside with a seating area.

Contact: +383 43 805008

Lunch & Dinner

Traditional options

Address: Fehmi Agani Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Every day, from 8:00 - 23:00

Tiffany serves traditional Albanian meals such as their signature dish “Elbasan tava”, slow cooked lamb (or chicken) with egg and yoghurt. Tiffany makes fresh salads and starters containing cheesy dips and homemade ajvar. There is no menu, an assortment of local dishes is served. It is recommended to make a reservation.

Contact: +381 38 244040

Price range: around €22, all included.

Accessibility: The entrance is step-free and the toilets are wheelchair accessible.


Address: 35 Musine Kokalari, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 17:00 - 23:00, closed on Sunday.

Renaissance has a fixed price menu and serves fresh products from Kosovo according to seasonal offerings.

Contact: +383 44 239377

Price range: 18€ for a three-course meal including wine.

Arabella Taverna

Address: 16 Nurije Zeka, Prishtina, Kosovo, in the passage next to Foto Nesha

Opening hours: Everyday, from 8:00 - 00:00.

Arabella Taverna serves an à la carte menu of traditional dishes and daily specials in a warm and welcoming atmosphere just off Mother Teresa Boulevard.

Contact: +383 48 702777

Vegetarian options
Matcha Coffee and Eatery

Address: Fazli Grajqevci, no: 104, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 to 18:00, Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, closed on Sunday

Matcha Coffee and Eatery serves snacks with vegetarian options such as toast, sandwiches, soups and salads along with a variety of cold and hot beverages.

Price range: 3€ for a toast or a sandwich, 5€ for a salad

Accessibility: The entrance is step-free and the toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Baba Ganoush Meze

Address: 1000 Johan V. Hahn, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 17:00 to 23:00, closed on Sunday

Small eatery that serves local food as well as other Mediterranean and Arabic-influenced dishes.

Price range: Low prices

Green & Protein

Address: rr. Rexhep Luci, no 20/1, Prishtina, Kosovo

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 22:00, closed on Sunday

Healthy food bar with vegetarian and vegan options located right in the city centre by the main promenade, offering salads, soups, bowls, wraps, hummus and burgers.

Price range: 4€  for a wrap or a burger, 6€  for a salad


Bazaar of Prishtina

Address: Pedestrian area east of Rruga Ilir Konusheci

Destroyed during the 1950s and 1960s, the Old Bazaar was the core merchandising centre of the Old Pristina since the 15th century. Nowadays, the Bazaar is a lively area where all kinds of goods are for sale: fruit, vegetables and Balkan specialties.



Kosovo has an extensive list of agreements with a number of countries. Nevertheless, we recommend that you view the list of countries for which a visa is requested to enter Kosovo here.

Upon arrival, please make sure that you have a proof of hotel reservation or a letter indicating you are being hosted by a friend or family member.

If you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa, please register for the meeting first and then contact with your passport and legal address details. 



The currency used in Kosovo is the Euro. Most places, including Teatri ODA bar,  only accept cash payments so make sure you take out enough money for your trip.

Bank and exchange offices are located in the city centre close to the hotels, and cash points accepting major credit cards are conveniently located all over the city. If you have a EU bank account, please note that although your bank will not charge you for currency conversion costs, you will probably still be charged for withdrawal costs outside of the EU.



Please be aware that local COVID-19 regulations may affect your journey as well as the Caravan until the very last minute.

As of February 2023, all COVID-19 entry restrictions have been lifted. When entering Kosovo, foreign citizens will not be required to show a negative PCR test, a rapid antigen test, proof of recovery or a vaccination certificate, regardless of which country they come from.

Nevertheless, the general advice from the Kosovar health authorities should still be followed, and general infection prevention recommendations should be taken into account. We recommend that you regularly check the latest regulations and requirements leading up to your trip. 

For the latest information on COVID-19 travel regulations, please check the official governmental information here.


Make sure to also check if there are any restrictions when returning to your home country from Kosovo. If you travel by land, COVID-19 entry restrictions may differ depending on the countries that you cross. For an updated overview of the regulations in place around the globe, check here.



Emergency numbers

Emergency (Ambulance and fire fighting service): 112

Hospital emergency: 94


  • 192 (mobile phone)
  • 922 (mobile phone)
  • 92 (landline)

For all emergency numbers, state at the outset your location and the location of the person in danger.


Kosovo benefits from a regional roaming agreement among countries of the Western Balkans, meaning that if you come from the region, there will be no surcharge to your domestic retail price for calls, SMS & data while roaming in Kosovo. However, it might not be the case for telephone packages outside this region. We therefore encourage you to plan ahead so that you can benefit from cellular data in Kosovo. Airalo is an application offering affordable eSIM cards. 



In addition to the precautions we take to make the impact of the Caravan on the environment as low as possible, we ask you to also contribute by following these tips:

Switch off your computer and your smartphone when they are not in use.

Connect to the venue’s public Wi-Fi instead of your 3G/4G data, if possible.

Avoid disposable tableware whenever possible and bring your own tote bag to shops and grocery stores.

Sort your waste according to the instructions at the Caravan venues and throughout the city if possible. 

Bring your own water bottle and reusable coffee mug to spare the environment the plastic and yourself the money.

Refill your bottle. Tap water in Prishtina is completely safe to drink. We recommend that you fill up your water bottle in the morning at your hotel, and do refills during the day. You can do so in the bathroom at the meeting venues.