International network
for contemporary
performing arts

Réseau international
pour les arts du spectacle

Rete internazionale
per le arti performative


Internationales Netzwerk
für zeitgenössische
darstellende Künste

Международная сеть современного 

Red internacional
para las artes escénicas

Internationaal netwerk
voor hedendaagse

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Rede internacional
para as artes performativas

الشبكة الدولية
لفنون الأداء

í sviðslistum

Xarxa internacional
d'arts escèniques

Rhwydwaith rhyngwladol
ar gyfer celfyddydau
perfformio cyfoes

Rrjeti ndërkombëtar
për artet skenike

Διεθνές δίκτυο
για σύγχρονες
παραστατικές τέχνες

Međunarodna mreža 
za savremene 
scenske umjetnosti

Mezinárodní síť 
pro současné 
divadelní umění

International netværk
for kontemporær

Internasionale netwerk
vir kontemporêre
uitvoerende kunste

თანამედროვე საშემსრულებლო
საერთაშორისო ქსელი

Nemzetközi hálózat
a kortárs


líonra idirnáisiúnta
na taibhealaíona

Starptautiskais tīkls
skatuves mākslai

Netwerk internazzjonali
għall-arti performattivi

Międzynarodowa sieć
na rzecz współczesnych sztuk

Internationellt nätverk
för samtida

Međunarodna mreža
savremenih izvođačkih

Международна мрежа
за съвременни
сценични изкуства

Rrjet ndërkombëtar
për arte skenike

Міжнародная сетка
перфарматыўных мастацтваў

Međunarodna mreža
za suvremene
izvedbene umjetnosti


kaasaegsete etenduskunstide

현대 공연 예술을 위한 국제 네트워크

Tarptautinis tinklas
scenos menai

Интернационална мрежа
за современа
изведувачка уметност

شبکۀ بین المللی
برای هنرهای نمایشی معاصر

Rețeaua internațională
pentru artele spectacolului

Medzinárodná sieť
pre súčasné
scénické umenie

gösteri sanatları için
uluslararası iletişim ağı

Wed 28.09

Pre-meeting trip to Novi Sad [FULL]

Meeting point: Pionirski Park (Public parking)

Address: Dragoslava Jovanovica 2, located across the street from the National Assembly.

Join us on this pre-meeting trip to Novi Sad, organised in collaboration with Novi Sad 2022 - European Capital of Culture, one day prior to the IETM Belgrade Plenary Meeting.

This is an all day trip to discover Novi Sad’s vibrant cultural scene.

You will have the chance to learn both about the independent performing arts scene and institutional theatre production.

Important practicalities

Taking part in the pre-meeting trip requires you to arrive in Belgrade on Wednesday 27 September, in order to be able to travel to Novi Sad and be ready to leave the next morning. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and wind/waterproofs. You will also need a rucksack to carry a water bottle and a reusable coffee mug, if you have one.

Please note that eating times may differ from country to country. In Serbia, lunch is usually eaten around 15:00. This being said, we have planned for enough snacks and breaks in case you need to replenish before lunchtime.

08:30 - 09:30 Departure from Belgrade and travel to Novi Sad
10:00 - 11:00

Visit to Liman Cultural Station & Exchange with the Novi Sad 2022 - European Capital of Culture team

To kick off this pre-meeting trip, we will visit the future Creative District of Novi Sad and discover the cultural offer of the Novi Sad 2022 Capital of Culture programme.

11:00 - 11:30

Networking break

Get to know fellow participants and exchange with our Novi Sad hosts while filling up on some snacks and drinks for an extra energy boost.

11:30 - 13:00 LEGACY [Performance]

A participatory youth theatre performance on the topic of Ecology. 

This performance has been produced as part of the EYEnet 2.0 project (European Youth Engagement Network), with the aim of improving the quality of youth culture, political awareness, critical thinking and the international solidarity of young people.

The project contains one workshop and eight festivals in - Novi Sad (Serbia), Prague (Czech Republic), Sansepolcro (Italy), Maribor-Ptuj (Slovenia), Athens (Greece), Toulouse-Clermont Ferrand (France), Berlin (Germany) and Kaunas (Lithuania).

Price: Performance included in the pre-meeting participation fee.

13:30 - 14:30

Meet the independent local scene

Location : Zmaj Jovina 22, Novi Sad

In the afternoon, we will continue to learn more about Novi Sad’s key projects and contexts by meeting with representatives of Šok Zadruga; just a few of the people that make up the city’s independent arts scene.

Šok Zadruga (Shock Cooperative) is a project from the Multimedia Center Led Art. Šok Zadruga is based on an attempt to change the existing pattern of artistic action primarily at a local level - the level of Novi Sad - through a kind of ‘in-vivo’ experiment. With the idea of revitalising the peripheral parts of the city in cooperation and association with culture, sports societies or religious communities, Šok Zadruga - in addition to its parent gallery - founded and built the Shock Gallery chain. The so-called micro galleries promote a new exhibition concept and a new form of cooperation between artists and art associations, and represents an experimental attempt which gives the association and exchange of experiences in the field of contemporary visual art. In that light, The Šok Zadruga redefines the given institutional and disciplinary frameworks, and formulates newer, ‘wilder’ ones with unconventional models of cooperation. The centre is replaced by its periphery, and the basement by its public space. The acute crisis of sociability, thinned social fabric and devastated artistic scenes warns of the urgent need to rehabilitate elementary forms of reciprocity, self-organisation and mutual completion.

14:30 - 16:30  Afternoon break

We will have two hours of free time where you can walk around and discover the city.

16:30 - 18:30

Late Lunch / Early dinner

Location: Pivnica Gusan, Zmaj Jovina 4, Novi Sad

This will be our main meal of the day. Try some of the local cuisine and share a communal moment with the group.

Please ensure you have updated your dietary restrictions on your IETM profile.

19:00 - 20:30

Neoplanta, directed by András Urbán

A production of Újvidéki Színház (Novi Sad Theatre)

Location: Novi Sad Theatre, Jovana Subotica St. No. 3, Novi Sad

Performance in Hungarian with English subtitles.

There is this city, this Újvidék.
Or Novi Sad. Or Neusatz. Or Mlada Loza. Or Neoplanta.This is how Maria Theresa wrote history with her golden pen.
Streets, squares, the Danube, people, peoples, twenty-six nations, explosively growing buildings, dark parks, graffiti, a fashion show of hatred. And the blood. Blood on the asphalt, blood in well-known restaurants and pubs, blood smeared on the ice of the Danube and yoghurt dripping from the windows of the Báni palace.
The identity of a city, with spots.

In András Urbán's words, this “is not only about Novi Sad, it is not based only on Végel 's novel which is about History. The production tells a story which offers inspiration for a new space, a space in which people are trying to live. We have an image of this environment as a multicultural one but it is time to face up to that other image which does not have that. We boast about notions, multiculturalism and interculturalism when we need them. But we should also start to speak about the real Novi Sad and there the question arises straightaway: which is the real Novi Sad?”

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Genre: Theatre

Price: Performance included in the pre-meeting participation fee.


The production was inspired by the eponymous novel by Végel László and real life.

Concept, direction and sets: András Urbán

Dramaturgy: Gyarmati Kata

Original music: Antal Attila

Costume design: Marina Sremac

Performers: Crnkovity Gabriella, Körösi Istvan, Elor Emina, Huszta Daniel, Ferenc Ägota, Imemet Attila, Krizsän Szilvia, Meszäros Ärpäd, Szilägyi Ägota, Sirmer Zoltan, Pongó Gabor

Director’s associate: Lenärd Robert

Director Assistant: Ferenc Judit

Lighting: Majoros Robert

Sound: Biró Tibor and Lukäcs Attila

Make-up: Agneš Pasti

Stage manager: Biró Alekszandra

Photography: Srdjan Doroški

Production: Újvidéki Színház (Novi Sad Theatre)

Sponsor: Administration for Culture and Education of the City of Novi Sad and NKA

 21:00 - 22:30 Travel back to Belgrade

Price: €25. Includes transportation from Belgrade, performances, light catering and a meal.

The pre-meeting is now full and registrations are now closed. 

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 30

Thu 29.09

Artistic Walk #1 to Magacin

Meeting point: In front of Magacin

Meeting point: In front of Magacin

Address : Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Belgrade | Event Map  | Venue Accessibility

This first artistic walk will take participants to Magacin in Kraljevića Marka, an independent cultural centre to discover their self-organised and participative governance model.

Reserve your spot

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 20


Miloš Janjić, Magacin, Serbia

Luka Knežević Strika, Simply Put, Serbia


Teatroskop Regional Collaboration Lab

Location: Konferencijski Centar at MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Location: Konferencijski Centar at MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

This session, organised by Teatroskop - South-Eastern European Network for Performing Arts, will provide a space for conversation and exchange between Southeast European and France based professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new regional partners and share your plans regarding the future of touring, capacity building or cooperation projects involving France based artists and professionals with them.

If you want to attend this session, please prepare a two minute presentation of the project you would like to share with Teatroskop and other regional partners. If you are able to join, please email [email protected]


Catherine Faudry, Institut Français, Serbia

Tanja Gavrilović, Teatroskop, Serbia

Fri 30.09

Kolo/slet (коло/слет) morning dance

Location: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Location: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

During this active morning activity, participants will learn how to dance a traditional folk dance in a non-traditional way. The Kolo is a traditional South Slavic circle dance that also used to be performed in mass events during socialist Yugoslavia.
You will be able to experience it as part of the choreography from Group Neut's contemporary dance performance 'Kolo', taken from their research process and recontextualisation of tradition through social dance.


Đorđe Živadinovic Grgur, Group Neut, Serbia

Jovana Stojić, Group Neut, Serbia


Artistic Walk #2 How can we observe wilderness in the city - and why is it important?

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Urban ecosystems are our most prominent ecosystems. However, we have become so accustomed to only noticing the human made world that our ability to observe nature in cities has severely diminished. At the same time, the health sustainability and climate resilience of our cities depends heavily on the presence and biodiversity of nature. 
How can we connect intimately and work closely with a more-than-human world? How can we step out of the anthropocentric and into the new?
Discover daily actions and habits that can help us engage and transform our perception of nature in the cities.

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 20

Reserve your spot


Milja Vuković, Environmental activist, Serbia


Choir workshop

Location: Lisabon Bar, MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Location: Lisabon Bar, MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

How about singing instead of talking?

During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to explore choral singing as a tool for addressing different social topics, with the emphasis on the topic of intercultural learning. 

Everyone is invited to join, regardless of their singing ability. We will sing together and learn in a fun and relaxing way.

Maja Ćurčić, Art Aparat, Serbia


Artistic Walk #3 Street Gallery

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

This Artistic walk will take you on a visit to an important space in Belgrade's artistic landscape. Opened in 2012, the Street Gallery differs from classic galleries, representing a pioneer endeavour of reconstruction and revitalisation of neglected public space into an open art venue. The walk will include a brief introduction to its beginnings and maintenance, but the focus will be on management and its main challenges and approaches when it comes to the "handover" model. 

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 20



Iva Čukić, Matrijaršija collective Ministry of Space, Serbia

Milica Ivić, Matrijaršija collective Ministry of Space, Serbia


Meet the local artists [Full]

Location: Mezestoran

Location: Mezestoran

 Address: Restaurant MezestoranSvetogorska 46, Belgrade

A small group of IETM participants will have the opportunity to exchange with 6 artists, compare realities and discuss artistic practices over a delicious dinner.

This activity is full so we are no longer taking registrations.

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 6

Sat 01.10

Morning moves

Location: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Location: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Start your day in the right way with this morning outdoor activity where you will go through a contemporary dance routine, slowly waking up and starting your day with a smile.


Dušan Murić, Choreographer, Serbia


Artistic Walk #4 Graffiti battles

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

Meeting point: In front of MTS Dvorana (Kombank Dvorana)

This walk around the city will follow a recent political dialogue happening on Belgrade’s walls. A dramaturg and a graffiti artist will show how this conversation has generated a massive citizens’ response to right wing rewriting of history.

Attendance by pre-registration only. Maximum number of participants: 20

Reserve your spot

Nikola Pavlović, Street Artist, Serbia

Ognjen Obradović, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia

Jana Danilović, Serbia