Rewiring the Network (for the Twenties): The blog posts series


As part of our major Rewiring the Network project, we have been publishing a series of four blog posts in which we explore the past, the present and the possible futures not only for our network but also for the performing arts sector as a whole, through the prism of sustainability. Now compiled in a single publication, our Rewiring the Network series opens with an in-depth introduction to the Rewiring project and to the specific methodology we have been following. Flashing back to past achievements of IETM from the early eighties until now, we then identify the initial promises and pressures of international cultural networking and the conditions for the success. Finally, the two last episodes introduce the Pressures Radar and the Promises Radar, two online interactive whiteboards which you can navigate to explore respectively current unsustainable and sustainable practices within our sector.

This series serves as a base to start (y)our reflection - and corollary action - towards a more sustainable future for the performing arts.