01 October 2020 to 02 October 2020

IETM Multi-location in Leeds (CANCELLED)

The local Plenary meeting in Leeds, United Kingdom, will be MC'd by Miss Inform and hosted by Walking Talking Project, Slung Low, Leeds Dance Partnership and our members Irregular Arts and Ensemble 52. Please find below the introduction by the local hosts, as well as the local programme and practical information of the local meeting in Leeds.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions, the local meeting in Leeds has been cancelled. If you are registered for this meeting, you can either attend our online programme only or select another location to attend physically, in which case you can contact our Production Officer at [email protected] to change your registration.


Introduction by the local hosts

UK's Yorkshire-based IETM members invite regional artists, producers and programmers to a conversation about loss and discovery. Working with the invitation from IETM to address 'What matters now?', together we will explore what has been lost culturally during our Covid-19 lockdown and, crucially as we emerge to new ways of living together, what has been discovered or revealed as a new experience that contributes to artistic production and wellbeing.

Observing social distancing rules, this face to face meeting is MC'd by Miss Inform and hosted by Walking Talking Project, Slung Low, E52, Irregular Arts and Leeds Dance Partnership. It is an opportunity for networking, getting together with old friends and meeting new ones!  

Those attending in Leeds are invited to connect to IETM's Multi-location Plenary Programme in the run up to the gathering at Slung Low's home in the heart of the Holbeck community in Leeds, UK.

Maximum capacity: 30 participants



The on-site programme of the local meeting in Leeds prepared by the local hosts is complementary to the online participation in the IETM online programme, to which all the locations of the Multi-location Plenary will simultaneously connect on 1 and 2 October.

Participants in the local meeting in Leeds are therefore encouraged to attend the IETM online programme individually before joining the physical session in Leeds on Friday 2 October.

CEST: Central European Summer Time / BST: British Summer Time (local time in Leeds)

Thursday, 1 October

15:45 CEST
14:45 BST

IETM online programme:

What matters now? Plenary discussion
The theme of the Multi-location Plenary Meeting will allow us to speak out on what truly matters in the different context in which we now evolve. A series of short addresses from speakers with versatile backgrounds will trigger live and online, local and international discussions.

Venue: Online

Friday, 2 October

11:00 CEST

10:00 BST

IETM online programme:

IETM Pitchorama
This brand new session will showcase a series of 6 projects pitched by IETM members in 5-minute videos before leaving room for questions and feedback from participants.

Venue: Online

15:00 CEST

14:00 BST

IETM online programme: 

IETM info cell
An hour of valuable information on IETM: overview of the current and upcoming activities and projects, update on the recent and forthcoming policy and advocacy work, and introduction to the different working groups of IETM.

Venue: Online

21:30 CEST
20:30 BST

Talking with Yorkshire : What matters now?
More information on this session will be provided soon.

This session is BSL Sign supported.

Venue: Slung Low at The Holbeck

For more information about the local programme in Leeds, please get in touch directly with Alison Andrews at [email protected].


Covid-19 regulations

Given current travel and gathering restrictions, the meeting will focus on gathering the UK-based performing arts community. We encourage participants based outside of the UK to choose another location or to follow the content online.

Details of the Covid-19 regulations in force for this event will be emailed to registered participants close to the date of the meeting. The venue will be following guidelines to ensure that risks are mitigated.

This gathering will have a limited capacity of 30 participants.



Slung Low at The Holbeck

Working Mens Club, The Holbeck, 
Leeds LS11 9QX

For accessibility queries, please contact the venue directly at [email protected]



It is our aim to make IETM meetings as accessible as possible. However, it may not be possible to offer services at every location and, therefore, we recommend that you check the accessibility conditions of the location of your interest.

In order to meet the needs as much as possible, we collect your access requirements when you create your account and register for the meeting. Regarding speech-to-text captioning, we can only guarantee captions for the IETM online programme. The physical session in Leeds will be BSL Sign supported.

If you have any questions regarding the overall accessibility of the local meeting in Leeds, you are welcome to write to our Production Officer at [email protected].


Travel and accommodation

For information regarding travel to and accommodation in Leeds, please visit this website.



For any question regarding the local meeting in Leeds, please get in touch directly with Alison Andrews at [email protected].

Image in banner: © Lison Zhao