01 October 2020 to 02 October 2020
01 October 2020 to 02 October 2020

[IETM] IETM Info cell



An hour of valuable information on IETM: overview of the current and upcoming activities and projects, update on the recent and forthcoming policy and advocacy work, and introduction to the different working groups of IETM.


  • Overview of IETM activities and projects (Ása Richardsdóttir)
  • New IETM website presentation (Jeremy Gobin)
  • Overview of IETM's advocacy actions (Elena Polivtseva)
  • IDEA Group presentation (Jonathan Meth)
  • Producers Group presentation (Victor Leclère)
  • AREA Group presentation (Henk Keizer, Jean Vinet and Karine Décorne)
  • Sound & Music Theatre Group presentation (Josh Armstrong)
  • Participatory and Immersive Creation Group presentation (Simon Hanukai)
  • Advisory Committee presentation (Cristina Carlini)

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This online session will be automatically captioned in English and translated into 16 languages by Wordly.ai

This online session is part of the main IETM online programme of the IETM Multi-location Plenary. For any questions regarding this session or in case of a technical issue, please contact us at [email protected].

2 October, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00

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