Internal Rules of the association

Please note, these are non-statutory but can be read in conjunction with the Statues of the association.

Who can become a member?

Professional organisations or freelance individuals*  that:

  • are professionally engaged in the development and distribution of new, innovative contemporary performing arts,

  • and are professionally engaged in artistic collaboration and exchange across national borders.

In addition, IETM asks its members to:

  • commit themselves to the aim of IETM to improve the artistic and political climate for the arts within our changing societies
  • and to subscribe to our basic values of generosity, responsibility, solidarity and openness.

Public institutions, official bodies, arts funding organisations etc. may become Associate Members of IETM. They have the same rights as ordinary members but their higher fee includes a support grant to the network.

* Freelancers are here defined as individuals who are not salaried employees, either part-or full-time, by an organisation which itself would be applicable for IETM membership. They also do not work on a continuing or regular basis with an organization who would be applicable for IETM membership.

What does IETM membership mean?

Commitment to the process of networking, to furthering the aims of IETM, and to sharing information, knowledge, skills and contacts in order to create the best possible conditions for contemporary performing artists to develop, create and share their work across national borders.

Participation in the life of the network, contributing topics, moderating/speaking/reporting or otherwise helping during the meetings. Members host IETM meetings.  Members ‘buddy’ or mentor the newer members and help to diffuse info on IETM and make it visible to others in the sector. 

What does IETM membership allow?

  • Access to IETM Meetings. Members can send one representative from their organisation for free - additional representatives must pay a small fee. 
  • Access to the IETM web site to download meeting invitations, annual reports and activity plans, publications, announcements, contact details of other members etc.  Members can use the members database, change their personal data, post their own announcements, advertise or look for jobs, search for partners, contribute news and participate in discussion groups. 
  • Receiving the monthly IETM newsletter and other information on international collaboration in contemporary performing arts
  • Access to the full list of members’ contact details.
  • Registration for IETM meetings, which is done exclusively through IETM’s online registration site
  • Representation on the European level. One of the oldest and largest European networks, IETM is a leader in advocating to international and European institutions on culture sector issues.
  • Full voting rights during the General Assembly, possibility to take part in the governing bodies, access to discussions and planning processes that help shape the network and its future activities. 
  • Access to the travel grant schemes (for certain categories of membership only)

Membership fees and admin

IETM members pay an annual membership fee, valid from January to December. Fees vary, depending on the type of organisation and the annual turnover of the organisation. 

IETM membership is only valid when the membership fee is paid.  Renewal invoices are sent in January-February with a payment deadline of around 45 days. There is a 6% surcharge for late payments, but organisations facing difficulties are urged to contact the Secretariat before the deadline to make alternative arrangements.

Withdrawal from membership. Our statutes require that members can only withdraw/their membership in writing to the Board via the Secretariat. This must be done before the payment deadline or else that year’s fee must be paid.  This is a legal requirement according to our statutes. 

Cancellation of membership by the Secretariat. If a fee is still outstanding at end of the financial year, the Secretariat will cancel the membership and inform the member in writing. The membership fee, however, still must be paid  (see point above). If the member decides to re-join IETM, unpaid fees must be settled. 

New members will receive an invoice from the Secretariat following a short discussion to see if IETM is the right network for them.  

Contact Details.  In order to be listed correctly on the Membership List, to receive the IETM e-mailings and the membership renewal documents Members must return information about their organisation before the deadline, or when their details change. Members can update their contact details directly on the IETM website. 

Meeting Administration

Access to Plenary Meetings is free of charge for the first representative of a member organisation. Beyond the first delegate, each additional participant from the same organisation will pay a registration fee of €50. Please note that this amount of fee includes an early bird discount, and is valid only if the registration is made before the registration deadline. If registration is made after the deadline, each participant member of IETM pays €100.

Non-members may attend an IETM meeting. Local hosts will set the fees for local participants. For other non-member participants, costs of participation depend on the annual turnover of the organisation and will vary between €100 – €300 per person, in case registration to the Meeting is done before the deadline (early bird discount). If registration is done after the deadline, the participation fee is €300 per participant
If the organisation decides to become a member during the meeting or within 15 days, the participation fee will be deducted from the membership fee.

These rules concern registration fees for Plenary Meetings of the network. These rates do not apply to other IETM events (Satellite Meetings, Caravans, Delegations...) which are subject to different policies, depending on their context. There may occasionally be registration fees for other types of IETM events and meetings, but members will always have preferential rates.

The structure of the Network

All members have equal rights and obligations; the sovereign authority of the network is the General Assembly. Job Descriptions, lists of delegated powers and statutes are available from the IETM Secretariat.

The administration of the network is delegated by the Board of Directors to a Secretariat.  A non-statutory, volunteer Advisory group was established in 2009. The Board and Advisory serve as individuals and are not representative of their organisations.  However, their organisation (or themself as an individual) must be a paid-up member of IETM.

The Board of Directors is composed of 7 members of the network, with a mandate of 3 years which may be renewed once.

The Board should be balanced in terms of geography (region, country), gender, type and function of organisation and artistic discipline, in order to assure regional balance and diverse perspectives.

The Board meets at least twice a year and may be asked to meet more if needed. The working languages of the Board (meetings and papers) are English AND French; there is no systematic translation or interpretation into both languages.

The Advisory is composed of around 18 members, plus observers (organisers of the previous and future Plenary meetings). Their mandate is maximum 3 years and is not renewable; they meet twice a year (during the IETM Plenary meetings).

Advisory members are expected to pay their own costs (travel etc) in connection to their service to IETM; some travel and accommodation costs of Board members are reimbursed.

Each year the Board proposes lists for the Board and the Advisory, to the General Assembly who approves (or rejects) the list by consensus.  The list is posted on the IETM website and announced in the IETM newsletter in advance of the General Assembly. 

The Secretariat team are employees of the association and subject to Belgian employment law. 

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