Satellite Girona 2021

25 November 2021 to 27 November 2021

You can read this text in Catalan here and in Spanish here.

What happened to us in the past months? We finally had more time to (self-) reflect. By ourselves, in our homes or together with our colleagues across the Web.  We experienced – sometimes – our funders becoming more flexible and letting us do what we felt relevant. We had time and space to recall some of our core needs and purposes.  Some of us reached new communities and appeared in new physical and digital spaces  – those we even didn’t think of. We looked at our role in society in a different way – our role to bring intimacy, heal wounds, stimulate reflection.

All this has happened amidst profound losses and enduring uncertainty. 

What’s next? We invite you to join our collective reflection on how we can build on what we have learned and think of new ways to reposition the arts as a relevant agent for social change.

Co-organised by Institut Català de Les Empreses Culturals - Catalan Arts and Institut Ramon Llull, in collaboration with the Temporada Alta Festival and the Girona City Council, our next Satellite Meeting will be held from 25-27 November 2021 in Girona. We will hear initiatives that have fostered social change and explore ways to deconstruct the role of the arts within our society. Participants will be able to follow one of three different thematic threads, each exploring a particular space for social change:

  1. New funding schemes and cultural policies
  2. Alternative models for the international
  3. Opportunities for artistic innovation

The city of Girona and its surroundings’ vibrant artistic scene will also be explored, through artistic visits and a rich artistic programme. And online participants will be able to actively take part in some of the meeting activities.

You can register for taking part either on site or online through the button below but registration is mandatory:

Register now

Maximum on-site capacity: 120 participants (first come, first served!)
Maximum online capacity: 120 participants

Both IETM members and non-members are welcome to participate. You can check the participation fees here and, if you are a Category 1 or 2 IETM member, you can apply for our travel grants here.


On the way to the meeting

Pre- and post-meeting trips

In order to learn more about Girona's creative network, the Satellite will also propose a pre-meeting trip on 25 November to discover some projects around the city of Girona (Olot, Banyoles, Mieres), as well as a post-meeting trip on 28 November to another part of the outskirts of Girona, Celrá. More information will come soon but you can already save the dates if you'd like to join.

Call for project presentation

The Satellite Meeting will offer a space to present innovative cultural or artistic projects that are linked to the three thematic threads of the meeting. If you'd like to present a project at the meeting, find out more about the call and apply before 9 July 2021 on this page.