Board of Directors

is delegated by the General Assembly to make financial and management decisions but major aspects (e.g. approving audited accounts/electing the Board, etc.) are presented at the General Assemblies of the membership.

Cathie Boyd / Cryptic, United Kingdom (President)
Barbara Poček / Glej Theatre, Slovenia
Davide D'Antonio / Associazione Etre, Italy
Geoliane Arab / ONDA, France
Grzegorz Reske / East European Performing Arts Platform, Poland
Jeffrey Meulman / National Dutch Theatre Festival, the Netherlands
Susanne Næss Nielsen / Dansearena nord, Norway
Toni Gonzalez / Escena Internacional Bcn, Spain

Advisory Committee

operates as a think-tank to discuss the direction of the network regarding middle and long-term strategy, and to maintain close relations with the membership.

Anikó Rácz / SÍN Arts and Culture Centre, Hungary
Caspar Nieuwenhuis / HKU - University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands
Clara Giraud / Independent, United Kingdom
Cristina Carlini / Marche Teatro - Inteatro Festival, Italy
Frédéric Poty / Théâtre de la Massue - Cie Ezéquiel Garcia-Romeu, France
Isa Köhler / Hebbel am Ufer, Germany
Neil Webb / British Council, United Kingdom
Pippa Bailey / Independent, Australia
Vesselin Dimov / ACT, Bulgaria
Zane Estere Gruntmane / Pigeon-Bridge, Latvia/Portugal
Susanne Danig / Danig Performing Arts Service, Denmark 
Florent Mehmeti / Oda Theatre, Kosovo     
Sergio Chianca / Burokultur, France   , 
Bek Berger / New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Latvia   

+ The 8 members of the Board of Directors

IDEA Working Group

sets and implements an action plan to help IETM members to address the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility) issues, and supports the IETM Secretariat and the Board in implementing the IDEA Strategy.

Anna Borcherding / Bit Teatergarasjen, Norway
Alister Lownie / Two Destination Language, UK
Catharina Bergil / University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Jonathan Meth / Chair of the board of Vital Exposure, UK
Julie Josserand / Occitanie en Scène, France
Kalina Wagenstein / Art Office Foundation, Bulgaria
Kara Hergils Valdimarsdóttir / SL - Association of Independent Theatre, Iceland
Lian Bell / Independent, Ireland
Nadja Dias / Independent, UK
Riccardo Olivier / Fattoria Vittadini, Italy
Tim Wheeler / Independent, UK
Tunde Adefioye / KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Belgium
Vahid Evazzadeh / The Counter Institute, Denmark