Satellite Sardinia 2016

21 September 2016 to 24 September 2016


What is the future role(s) for the artists in society? What are the skills needed to take that role? Who decides on when, how and to whom, to teach those skills? Is there a need for a new educational centre that meets specific demands? Is it possible to design an Academy without answering these questions?  

Considering the current crisis as an impetus for change, the Satellite deliberated around artistic education as a means to build a truly intercultural society capable of anticipating the future and ready to embrace economic and social change.

Co-organised by Teatro Stabile della Sardegna, the Satellite gathered directors, coordinators and educators from Arts Academies and Universities and from non-institutional training programs for the arts, as well as artists and cultural managers, from North Africa, Sardinia and all over Europe.

The starting point was a multifaceted reflection on the perspective of creating a Mediterranean Creative Academy for the Arts. An Academy that should be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, a centre for education and research in the arts, adapting to fast changing social and economic realities and anticipating future needs. This Academy, open to all student from the Mediterranean basin, would nurture vocations without imposing concepts and categories, and particularly in North Africa, where arts education is left to the private sector.

The meeting was accompanied by vivid performances by young Sardinian artists and guided trips through the city of Cagliari. 

Animators: Artway of Thinking is an organisation that promotes culture and contemporary art with an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach activating collaborations with administrative authorities, companies and professionals.