Satellite Wales 2018

13 September 2018 to 16 September 2018

Fields of Vision

Other voices, rural places, global stories

The world’s population is increasingly living in cities and this focus on the urban centres is also reflected in the arts sector.  But what’s happening beyond the metropolis? What does it mean to be an artist in a rural context? What models of practice are there, working with existing culture, connecting communities and re-exploring traditions?

Our Satellite meeting in Llandudno, north Wales, was the occasion to deepen some of the conversations started in Brussels and Porto around the theme of working outside of the big centres and in rural areas. A subject which resonates strongly with Wales considering they only have 6 official cities, the rest being considered rural; a bilingual country full of contrasts mixing stunning landscapes, coast line and wilderness, post industrial areas, strong farming communities and a vibrant art scene.

During this encounter we explored the plurality of the concepts of rural, identity, territory, and culture, talk around case studies of inspiring and ground breaking projects, bring together people from different perspectives such as arts, heritage, conservation, research, economics.

We have launched an initiative to gather members interested in the topic on a regular basis and in a more formalised way, and the next encounter will happen during IETM Munich, 1-4 November 2018.