Satellite Gwangju & Caravan Seoul 2015

07 September 2015 to 12 September 2015


Since 2005, a series of initiatives have featured IETM's relations with contemporary Asia. Driven by curiosity and intrigued by the new, we have become acquainted with the performing arts in Singapore, Beijing & Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta & Jogjakarta, Yokohama and more. Last year, an urge to explore the common ground of contemporary arts in Asia, Europe and Australia took us to Melbourne and Sydney.

Curiosity and a thirst for new discoveries are powerful drivers which lead us time and again to fruitful bonds and partnerships. Today Asian contemporary culture remains an attractive domain for us, as well as a source of enrichment, inspiration and far-reaching connections.

In September 2015, on the occasion of the opening festval of the Asia Arts Theatre Festival (presenting a great range of new creations from all over Asia), headed to South Korea, to investigate the potential for exchanges with and within the region at the IETM Asia Satellite in Gwangju (7-9 September), and experience the local world of cutting edge performing arts at the Caravan in Seoul (10-12 September).