Rewiring the Network (for the Twenties)

01 January 2020 to 31 December 2021


The performing arts have been going through some rough weather in recent years.

Changing environmental, social and political conditions have increasingly put our work under pressure. All of us are trying to come up with answers and solutions, but how can these be more than just survival strategies? The answer is clear. In order to have a real systemic impact, we need to work together.

For almost  40 years, IETM has been a place for performing arts professionals to develop new ideas and solutions together. The purpose: strengthening our practice through knowledge exchange. But, as society is changing, the network can only achieve this purpose if it stays fresh and relevant.

Rewiring the Network takes advantage of the start of the new decade to reflect on the development of a more sustainable future for the performing arts, and the role IETM can take in it. The results of this trajectory will feed IETM’s future agenda and define our strategy for the upcoming years.

The project is coordinated by Joris Janssens (IDEA Consult), Martina Fraioli (IDEA Consult) and Delphine Hesters (Independent researcher, advisor and facilitator).

Connections, Cooperation and development, Sustainability
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