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Performing Arts in (a world in) Transition I

01 April 2014 to 31 March 2017

Performing Arts in (a world in) Transition I (PAT I) was one of our main projects for 3 years and the predecessor of our ongoing PAT II scheme. Engaging in multilateral alliances with academia, policy-makers, NGO’s from other sectors and other cultural networks, the scheme was based on five programme lines: 

  1. Sustainable Models: on the development of innovative business/management and self-organisation models for arts organisations to survive an era of public funding cuts and political restrictions to independent artists.
  2. Measurable Impact: on identifying the right indicators for valuing the arts and artistic projects, and the best ways to assess, evaluate and better defend arts funding – as a shared responsibility of funders and the art world. 
  3. Live Arts in Digital Times: on the relation between live and screened and all the new opportunities brought in by digital media. 
  4. Worldwide Connections: trying to reduce imbalances within Europe and to connect with areas outside the European Union – to gain access to new markets and create synergies for cooperation.
  5. Professional Capacities: with two new formats (Staff Exchange and Campus) and the regular project proposal - and expertise sharing sessions during all IETM events, we created numerous opportunities for emerging and settled operators to build new capacities.  

In addition, the creation of a new digital platform and the development of successful communication and social media strategies were key in composing a digital library on the main themes of the project, disseminating the project outcomes, monitoring the results and multiplying the project’s impact on the sector.

Advocacy, Audience development, Business Models, Career management, Evaluation, Gender, Inclusion, Migration, Sustainability
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