Caravan Bucharest 2015

28 May 2015 to 31 May 2015


On 28 - 31 May, IETM organised a Caravan to Bucharest to (re)discover this capital of vibrant culture and independent artistic initiatives. 

The shadow of the communist regime and the remains of the hierarchical mentality are still present in Bucharest.  For the curious visitors, it creates a picturesque contrast of the eclectic infrastructure; for the local artists, it represents a vital source of inspiration that boosts critical thinking and restless artistic consciousness.

What is so special about the arts life in Bucharest? Certainly fragile, it remains vibrant due to the artists’ courage to represent the vox publica and to challenge the malfunctions of the society. But wasn’t this the role of the artist at all times and anywhere in the world? Our Caravan was an opportunity to discover, to share and to comprehend the restless cultural scene of Bucharest.