01 May 2021 to 31 December 2022

This FAQ section is complementary to the aims and criteria of the 2021-22 Global Connect call for applications.

Is IETM Global Connect for emerging artists?

No. What is important is a demonstrated experience of work (with a minimum of 5 years) as a professional in the performing arts (as a producer, artist, manager, curator, presenter, etc.). In addition, an ideal candidate should have a desire to connect and engage with peers internationally. IETM Global Connect aims to provide connections and build networks both to support your own work as well as widen and diversify IETM's own international membership. IETM Global Connect is keen to engage with performing arts professionals who are able to contribute to the network and its activities during the period of the programme and beyond. 

How much is the bursary and what type of costs will it cover?

This will vary depending on where you will be travelling from. Currently as a guideline it is estimated that for participants based in Europe or close to locations where an IETM event is due to take place, the bursary will be €1000, and for those based significantly further, it will be approximately €2000. However, this will be determined based on the final selection of participants and their respective locations, and when the cities for future IETM meetings are confirmed. Any cost connected to attending the meeting will be eligible as part of the bursary, including travel, accommodation, subsistence, CPR testing, obtaining a VISA, or other relevant costs required to attend the event. 

I am disabled, will IETM Global Connect provide reasonable adjustments to enable me to bring a support worker?

IETM is committed to extending bursaries to enable the participation of disabled performing arts professionals. Thus, a percentage of the programme’s budget will be allocated to enable this. We request that any specific requirements are included in the application form so that the selection panel can ensure the necessary support is allocated. Requests for adjustments or access support will not factor into the selection criteria, and will be used only to support full participation of successful applicants.

Is there training involved in the programme?

Learning, sharing and exchanging will be at the heart of the programme. IETM Global Connect will not offer you formal training but you will have ample opportunities to discover new methods, models and ideas, via peer-to-peer learning. Global Connect will be an ‘introduction’ to the IETM network, with the support of its members, to extend the IETM family to a new generation of performing arts professionals and those from regions that otherwise would not be able to participate in IETM. There will be focused sessions that will be opportunities to learn about specific topics, or themes; however, this is usually an integral part of any IETM meeting. 

Will I sign a contract?

Yes, IETM will ask you to sign a contract stipulating the commitments of both parties. 

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate by email at the end of your Global Connect period. 

What is the time commitment required for the programme?

For the period 2021-22, you are expected to attend at least an online session in the Autumn 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed), and a 4-day-long physical IETM meeting in 2022. 

I was an IETM member in the past, but I canceled my membership. Can I apply for Global Connect?

Yes, you can!