Digital journey to Tromsø 2020

30 April 2020


Lockdown measures taken by governments across the globe to contain the spread of COVID-19 forced us to cancel our Spring Plenary meeting in Tromsø, initially planned from 30 April to 3 May 2020. However, our performing arts family needed more than ever to stay united. This is why we invited both our members and the wider performing arts community to join our ‘digital trip’ to Tromsø on Thursday 30 April to get a taste of what we had planned for the Plenary and get together - in a virtual space - around the theme Art and Activism.

This exceptional format was a unique opportunity for our community to both explore new ways of gathering in times of containment and keep the IETM spirit living remotely.

The programme included an opening Yoik led by Sami artists, a welcome word by the organisers, an inspiring keynote speech, an online networking activity into groups, as well as an informal Kodak-moment where we all raised our glasses and cups to the spirit of activism, solidarity and fellowship.

Watch the recording