Caravan Palestine 2018

29 November 2018 to 04 December 2018

Our story with Palestine goes back a long way. In 2003, we started building a bridge between Palestinian and European art communities, with the initiative “100 artists in Palestine”. Later in the first decade of 2000s, we took part in the “Voices of Palestine”, a series of conferences focusing on the work of Palestinian artists of all disciplines. In 2010, we undertook an insightful Caravan journey to Ramallah and Jerusalem.

More recently, in November-December 2018, we were excited to join forces with Al Harah Theatre, Arts Council Malta and Zigu Zajg and organise our long-awaited return to Ramallah and our discovery of Bethlehem. This meeting created real opportunities for our members to exchange ideas and projects with the local scene, and to build new bonds and potential partnerships. Our week-long journey happened as part of CLAP! - Creative Labs and Artistic Performances in Palestine funded by the EU, and a performing arts showcase organised by the Palestinian Performing Arts Network for the first time in Palestine. Alongside discovering a unique snapshot of the local music, theatre, dance and circus performances, we visited a range of venues and cultural centres in Ramallah and Bethlehem, met artists and producers working in the field, and discussed the burning topics for the local sector in an informal setting.

Incredible cuisine was part of the experience, as well as a very special and alternative tour of Bethlehem.