Advocate for the future of the arts - Webinar

03 April 2020


Our recent Corona Survey shows that the COVID-19 crisis had a catastrophic impact on our sector. Different governments - some more than others - have responded with emergency measures to help those under existential threat. Cultural organisations and individual artists have shown tremendous solidarity with their peers back home and all over the world. But what’s next? How do we transform the urgent survival plan into a long-lasting revival strategy? How do we make sure our sector is not left aside amidst yet another economic turmoil?

IETM's Head of policy and research Elena Polivtseva introduced this session by sharing the outcomes of our Corona Survey before updating participants on our future advocacy steps. Turkish/Australian Theatre director and Interdisciplinary artist Görkem Acaroglu then opened the discussion with two main questions on the agenda : where would we like to be one year after the COVID-19 crisis and how can we get there ?