Lothstr. 19
80797 Munich

The registered association SPIELMOTOR MÜNCHEN e.V. is an exemplary model of a successful and stable public-private partnership: joint financing by the partners BMW and the City of Munich with complete freedom of selecting content on the part of the association in designing its activities. This cooperation is the open "secret of success," which by now has been continuing for forty years and which actually reveals its program already in its name: SPIELMOTOR – the two partners' motor that guarantees a play, a performance, with artistic qualities.

Since 1995 Spielmotor is organiser of the SPIELART Theater Festival

Additionally Spielmotor is the partner of the City of Munich in organising:
The Münchener Biennale - Festival for New Music Theatre
DANCE - Festival for contemporary dance of the City of Munich

Dance, Music Theatre, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre