Carrer Vallès 18
08420 Canovelles (Barcelona)

The starting point for my plays are present issues, social, ecological or work related. Nevertheless, I like to deconstruct these issues, mixed them with local or universal symbolism with the aim that the audience reconstructs them again, not only during the performance, but after that.
Life is the theatre's main source, but also theatre and fiction can shape different realities.
That is why I consider that performing arts are an amazing tool to break some changes in society, but mainly I see the arts, specially theatre, as an end in itself better than a mean for any higher purpose.
I am a freelance playwright and dramaturg based in Barcelona. I started my work as an actress in Barcelona. After moving to Madrid I redirected my career towards playwrighting and graduated from Real Escuela de Arte Dramático in Dramaturgy and Theatre Directing. Back in Barcelona, in 2016, I took a Master's degree in Theatrical Studies in Institut del Teatre and UAB.
My plays have been stated in Barcelona, Madrid, La Habana and read in Athens. I have published several of my plays and some of them have been translated into Italian and Greek languages.
and holds an MA in Theatrical Studies from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Institut del Teatre.
I am a founder and artistic director of Poka yoke Teatro a contemporary playwriting project that creates its pieces by hacking the dramatic structures of the text.

Performance Art, Playwriting, Theatre