Enterprise House
0000 Carlow

A Multi-disciplinary arts festival,
Carlow Arts Festival creates a vibrant temporary community that opens up horizons and contributes to a better future. Our future is building on our deep belief in creating space for discovery, delight and disruption. Our artists innovate to create uniquely accessible work. They also introduce our audiences to new art forms and cutting edge work which they might previously have considered ‘challenging’. Our cross disciplinary programme embraces the world of virtuosic artists to resonate, inspire and collaborate with our community.

We champion the need for audiences to experience transformative art, to encounter diverse perspectives and through participation to be included in the act of discovery. The surprise of a profound or joyous response as part of an immersive festival experience is what we want to offer to everyone.

Our Values are Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation, Participation, Inclusion, Diversity, and Passion.

Circus, Dance, Performance Art, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre, Youth Theatre