R. Francisco Lázaro, n.6, 3 ESQ.
2825-465 Costa da Caparia


Choreographer and performer.

Estudied dance, improvisation, dramaturgy and psychology .

Founding member, with Bruno Cochat, of the Theatre-Dance Company “A Torneira”.
Most relevant Works: “Nu Meio”, “Reading of lists”, “Duet”, “The Voyage”,’ Partilhas/Exchanges. The work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Brasil and Walles.

participated in projects of artistic creation among groups in a prison context, and with minors in the process of social re-insertion, in education centres and co-ordinate a long-term program aimed at a group of young people from the Cova da Moura burrough of Lisbon. The critics (newspaper “Público” and “expresso”) considered the pieces “Íman” and “Nus meios” created with these groups the best theatre-dance pieces in 2006 and 2008.

Since 2011 she is been presenting “ A Viagem” (The voyage) with traditional dance groups, working with the ideia of memory and dance as patrimony. This project was presented in Portugal, Brasil and Llandudno (Walles), Adain Avion ( London 2012).

In 2016, she created a new project based on the idea of a body as an arquive, with the coreographeres Silvia Real, Miguel Pereira and Francisco Camacho called the Spies Project. Presented in Materias Diversos Festival, Virgínia Theatre, in Torres Novas; Maria Matos Theater in Lisbon, Ílhavo and Porto, in Portugal. Considered by the Critic Claúdia Galhos, in the Expresso Journal, one of 2016 best dance shows.

She is working with Materiais Diversos as associted projects and she is artistic director of the association Mundo em Reboliço.

“I am interested in multidisciplinary work and I have been working on pieces that are created specially for the place and spaces where they are going to be performed. I am also interested in developing performances where the public has an active role, beyond the passive typical one.
As participant and creator I experiment with the questions of the relation between the public and the author, creating pieces where a certain proximity exists and with double-takes on the same thematics. My pieces are like a house of mirrors allowing for various points of view and where ultimately the creative process is not only touched upon but also laid bare.
Throughout my work, I have attempted to thoroughly understand a reflection and research with regard to the social and political functions of Art. To go and meet the public and, whenever necessary, to transfer the artistic work to venues that augment the possibilities of the encounter, have been that which I dedicate myself.
Filipa Francisco

“Filipa Francisco(…) work at the intersection of various disciplines (movement, theatre, music and scenic design); they conceive disconnected episodes that transpire with no apparent narrative logic, such as variations on a central theme; demands of the performers a certain creative intervention and to be multifaceted as actors, dancers and singers; more preoccupied with the embodiment of ideas than with the choreographic composition enlists the bodies “to be” and “to act”, not simply “to dance” (thus, it deals with exploratory endeavours, interdisciplinary and fragmented, closer in concept to performance art than to a dance show); in a general way they present sceptical visions in which the humour is itself sarcastic; they reflect, perhaps, the signs of the restrictive context we have depicted and the climate of perturbation that hangs over the end of the millennium. “
(Maria de Assis, Movimentos Presentes/Present Movements)

Dance, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre