Fabrik de Gracia
08012 Barcelona

ART REPUBLIC is a NEW art management agency based in Barcelona, Spain, specialised in strategies for international touring of performing arts. It's the creative union of two operators, Elise Garriga and Iva Horvat.

ART REPUBLIC is an advisor, promoter and connector for selected artists with organizations, institutions and profiled partners, with aim to provide visibility on international market.

ART REPUBLIC seeks for originality, quality, uniqueness in relevant and innovative projects that should be presented and seen.

ART REPUBLIC believes in arts as motor of awakening for new thoughts, new ideas and as generator for proposals and reflections related to our society.

ART REPUBLIC is Agrupación Señor Serrano, Pere Faura, Heartbreak Hotel Àlex Rigola and Club Guy and Roni.

Dance, Music Theatre, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Site specific work, Theatre