Kleine Berg 62
5611 JW Eindhoven

United Cowboys is a collective of international artists under the guidance of the dedicated artistic team, Pauline Roelants & Maarten van der Put. Inspired by a variety of art forms, United Cowboys creates multidisciplinary performances, on the border of dance, performance, music, video and installation art, that can be viewed around the globe.
United Cowboys encourages artistic risk and questions theatrical conventions – stretches and challenges them. They invite local and international audiences in the hope of promoting discourse, offering new perspectives, and further investigating new forms of artistic development, participation and presentation.

United Cowboys has: two key artistic development initiatives and two educational support initiatives:
Artistic development initiatives are:

1.) CONCEPT FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT - an ongoing investigation under which we produce site-specific 'biotope' performances. This is a touring and ever-evolving piece that investigates the relationship between audience-performer/artist-space and time. It is a highly adaptable concept that can be embedded into & tailored to various contexts.

NUDE STUDIES MENU: A series of performances created by Maarten van der Put. It is possible to pick and choose as many pieces as needed/wanted from this menu. Usually there is one performer/piece.

2.) SEASONING - We present new work (approximately 6-8 artists/night) in our Art House on a quarterly basis. These events are curated by our two artistic directors (Pauline Roelants and Maarten van der Put) and they are usually tied to our residency program. We open up our Art House and our audiences to new work in order to strengthen artistic development and art community building.

Educational support initiatives:
3.) MASTER CLASSES: Our artistic directors give Masterclasses that usually precede and culminate in the Concept for New Development performances.

4.) RESIDENCY/EXCHANGE PROGRAM: United Cowboys offers residency programs to artists from various disciplines in our Art House in Eindhoven.

Dance, Performance Art, Physical Theatre