Via Gemona 151
41125 Modena

AMIGDALA consists of a multidisciplinary group of young professionals in the fields of contemporary theatre, dance, music, visual arts, urban recovery and social innovation.
Amigdala is an association founded in the city of Modena in 2005, and is active in the area of contemporary and performing arts. The aim of the association is to develop cultural and artistic projects that are closely linked to the urban fabric by creating a broad and cross-cutting network of relationships with institutions, other associations and enterprises alongside the different branches of the Municipal Administration, while specifically addressing a young audience.
Amigdala has dealt with urban recovery since 2009 through a thorough process of study, research and planning around specific buildings of the city. From 2008 Amigdala is responsible for the Periferico festival, which takes place every year in a different location. The past six editions of the festival have been organised in work places (within the fields of industry, agriculture and manufacture), urban spaces, archival storages, museums, and abandoned public buildings, by actualising site-specific art projects which encourage the re-interpretation of these spaces and their particular features.
New attention and care are necessary on a continuous basis to ensure that the activities promoted by Amigdala, although featured bu an itinerant and explorative nature, do not remain scattered events, yet establish roots in the places they pass through as a result of the citizen's involvement and the value riven to their skills and stories.

New technologies, Performance Art, Street arts, Site specific work