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2900 Hellerup

In my role as a Creative Producer I work as a facilitator and I have a holistic approach: when I start collaborating with an artist, I am with them all the way. My focus is to support the artists and their work through developing a frame for the production process and tour. My experience as a dramaturge has been an important tool as a producer. It has become a way of thinking - also when working on the branding and creating awareness for a company or an artist. I know my own values. For me, it's important to be honest and have an open conversation around the development of the work with my colleagues. I appreciate having an independent voice and working in a lobal context. This is exactly what allows me to work in varied settings and connect individual artists with organisations and institutions. With this approach, I hope to be able to develop my own business, the artist I collaborate closely with, and the arts sector.