52 Seafield Road
DD1 4NW Dundee
United Kingdom

Joan Clevillé Dance is an independent dance company based in Scotland, creating intimate and playful dance theatre works rooted in both movement research and experimentation with theatre and storytelling. Led by Artistic Director Joan Clevillé, the company’s unique choreographic language invites audiences of all ages and backgrounds to engage with their senses, intellect and imagination, and explore subjects connected to our contemporary reality, often revolving around the notion of change.

The company’s inaugural work, Plan B for Utopia, was premiered to critical and audience acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015, and since then it has been presented more than 75 times across the UK and abroad, including festivals in Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Argentina. The piece has received invitations from British Dance Edition (2016) and internationale tanzmesse (2016, Düsseldorf), and the Made in Scotland and British Council Showcases at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it was also shortlisted for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award.

The company’s second work, The North, was co-commissioned by Tramway and The Place and premiered at Dance International Glasgow in May 2017 before a successful run at the Edinburg Festival Fringe. The piece was presented over 20 times in dance and theatre venues across the UK in autumn 2017 and will be back on tour in spring 2019. Performer Solène Weinachter and designer Matthias Strahm were nominated by the Sunday Herald´s Scottish Culture Awards in 2018 for their contribution to the work.

Both The North and Plan B for Utopia have been selected for the Rural Touring Dance Initiative, an innovative programme bringing high quality dance experiences to rural audiences across the UK, curated by the National Rural Touring Forum, The Place and independent producers China Plate.
The company is currently developing a new solo work with acclaimed performer Solène Weinachter, taking the Greek myth of Antigone as a point of departure (and informed by the recent social and political unrest in countries like Catalonia, Turkey or Venezuela). Antigone, Interrupted will examine the notion of dissent in the context of contemporary democracy and explore how the body (and in particular the female body) can be the target of oppression but also a powerful tool for resistance and civil disobedience. The piece will premiere and tour in Spring 2020.

Dance, Theatre