contrà san bortolo 17
36100 Vicenza

exvUoto teatro focus on human relationships. We have two souls: we focus on contemporary dramaturgy and on participatory theatre practices. We build relationships with communities and with places through the theatrical practice. Our experimentation started in making theatre in unusual spaces for theatre: shop windows, vacant spaces (houses or shops) and even public toilets. We believe that theatre is everywhere. We love finding new perspectives to look to the reality, that is why our works hybridize life with visionary, light and playful images. We write contemporary fairy tales to be played on stage and we produce site specific performances engaging with people to create performances which reflect the community where they live and work. We believe in lightness (that is not levity) as a guide to read the present times.

exvUoto's activities range from theatre shows to site-specific performances in squares, shop windows, pubs, clubs, art galleries, street stalls and ultimately anywhere.

Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre, Youth Theatre