Akácos utca 10.
2045 Törökbálint

The PR-Evolution Dance Company was formed in 2003. At first the company operated in projects without any permanent members. Since 2008 it became one of the most productive and promising company of the contemporary Hungarian dance scene under the leadership of Zsófia Nemes. The company preserved the initial strong technical background and the demand of reaching an ever higher artistic level. Their form language is open, flexible and reflects on the actualities. Their performances are characterized by high technical demands, sensuality and the need of expression, to reach „from heart to heart”.
Throughout the years the usage of cross art elements – as literature, contemporary music, fine and video art - in their performances have become more and more articular.
The company aims to search for new ways while portraying our daily visions, moods and feelings through the play of human body, the beauty of dance, the expressiveness of movements.