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Spectacle vivant en Bretagne is the Public Establishment for performing arts in Brittany, created by the Brittany Region and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Since 2013, our core objective is:
support and funding of the development and dissemination of professional artistic companies based in Brittany.
We work with all disciplines from the performing arts: theater, dance, music, circus, street-arts, storytelling, puppetry, object-theater and all innovative mixed forms.

Support and funding touring
We enable artists and companies from Brittany to build and fit into national and international touring networks.
We contribute to formal qualification for professionals, disseminate art news, provide legal and technical advice, mindful of the social regulations operative in France.
We fund touring.
Our support is intended to share the financial risk incurred by a show or a concert that meets high artistic standards, that has overall development potentialities and that aims national and international networks. This expertise is the result of a collective decision.