Bernauer Str. 79
13507 Berlin

Mekan Arti is a non-profit organisation founded in İstanbul in 2008, conducting international studies in the field of contemporary performing arts.

Mekan Arti, aims for putting the new projects into practice that are qualified, creative, and comments on today and prefers producing works in its own field, that endeavours, thinks through, pushes the limits and searchs for the new. By combining elements of popular culture and elements apart from popular culture, Mekan Arti, placing importance on the search of the political and of what needs to be said, aims to make the subjects it handles more visible and clear, to encourage its production and to provide its international circulation, to ensure the continuity of the existing audience and to create a new audience with new works.

Placing importance on supporting all kinds of creative and new projects, Mekan Arti pays attention to performance arts’ development, experimentation, polyphony, language and comments on today, and encourages new ideas.

Mekan Arti produces works through new words, discourses and stagings, tracks existing works, and searchs for today’s language for XXI. century through the following of productions.

Mekan Arti has no fixed artist staff, it establishes staffs though projects and incorporates these staffs throughout the project.

Placing importance on experimentalism in terms of staging techniques, Mekan Arti prefers to reposition the audience in every play, to create new fields, to produce works that are unique to these fields, to experiment on perception of seeing the play, to work on variations about form of the plays.

Mekan Arti has been operating both in Istanbul and Berlin since 2018.

Dance, Music Theatre, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre