BankART Temporary 2F, 6-50-1 Honcho, Naka-ku
231-8315 Yokohama

PARC (Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication) was established in December 1990 in succession to the secretariat of "Meeting for Pacific Basin Arts Communication" that was held in November 1990, and was certified as a nonprofit organization in 2002.

PARC's objectives are to organize basic data regarding performing arts, to build information and human network related to the arts, and to disseminate unique works of art in the world aiming to create and enhance artistic expression, in order to promote international exchange and regional activities with a focus on performing arts, to widely support advancement of the arts and culture as well as activities with that aim, and eventually to contribute to the benefit of society.

With these objectives, we have been working on such projects as editing and publication of "Performing Arts Exchange Yearbook," construction of performing arts archive, planning and organizing of TPAM (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, formerly Tokyo Performing Arts Market), PPAF (Postmainstream Performing Arts Festival), Sound Live Tokyo, as well as individual productions and meetings.

Dance, Music Theatre, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Site specific work, Theatre, Other