Agmashenebeli av. 164
0112 Tbilisi

TUMANISHVILI FILM ACTORS THEATRE from Tbilisi is a prominent Georgian theatre company founded in 1975 as a small experimental theatre leaded by a great theatre director, renovator of the Georgian Theatre, scholar and preacher - Mikhaill Tumanishvili. The Company found its home at the first film studio in Caucasus in 1978 and yet remains as a hub for film and theatre actors who made themselves famously successful by unique teachings that have flourished through Tumanishvili’s students and a company archiving the signature of Maestro at a high status in the modern theatre.
Today it is run by a founder of the company, Mikhail Tumanishvili’s disciple, film and theater director, actress, Georgia’s leading public figure - Keti Dolidze as the artistic director, and Zurab Getsadze as the Chief executive - Maestro’s student, actor and director. Theatre’s present bill is diverse and interesting with its current productions and international coproduction by the visiting directors from around Europe which are marking themselves famous by notable reviews and recognition from the UK, Russia, Germany, Italy etc.
Since established, the Tumanishvili Company became instantly prominent beyond boundaries of Soviet Union as a flagship artistic force highly acclaimed at Madrid International Festival, Latin American Festival, Paris, Torun, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington Festivals, London First International Shakespeare Festival, and notably at Edinburgh Assembly, establishing its solid place at the European theatrical map.
Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre has become a home for the Georgian International Festival of Arts GIFT in Tbilisi which is proudly carrying the name of Mikhail Tumanishvili as a byword for quality and depth of the productions presented by the festival. The theatre is always open for different working methods and innovative experiments as a famous theatre laboratory for contemporary artists and the generation to come.
“Come the revolution, our theatre might be this good”
Peter Goers, Theatre Critic, Australia
“A sparkling Theater Company Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre”
Richard Grenier, The Washington Times