kv. Iztok, Tzarigradsko shosse Blvd. 10, bl. 5, entr. A, app. 5
1113 Sofia

ACT “Association for Independent Theatre - association of freelance professional theater group”
Bulgaria’s Association for Independent Theatre (ACT) is established 2009 as a union of NGOs and freelance artists in the contemporary performing arts. Developing, Advocating, Regulating, Promoting and Connecting independent organizations and artists in the performing arts in Bulgaria and abroad.

The activity of ACT is focused on the following principles which should provide adequate conditions for the work of independent organizations and artists in the performing arts in Bulgaria:
Transparent and well-regulated separate sessions for the funding of independent projects in the performing arts by state, municipal and other institutions;
Development of space for independent theatre, dance and alternative forms in the capital and the country – rehearsal halls and stages for showing the productions;
Legalizing the status of artists-reelancers and their social, health and pension insurances;
A clear regulation for the interaction between NGOs and freelance artists on one hand  and state and municipal structures on the other and preferential conditions for use of the existing theatre infrastructure for arts and culture;
Development and implementation of strategic cultural policies focused on sustainable development of the non-governmental sector in the field of culture and arts at national and regional levels in conditions of equality and complementarity with state and municipal institutions;
Effective actions for decentralization and activation of cultural dialogue in the sphere of theatre and performing arts at regional, national and international levels by establishing programmes to distribute theatrical productions in the country and abroad, as well as programmes to encourage the creation of international projects and exchange of theatrical productions.
The Association actively works to get the concept of “independent performing arts” established in Bulgaria. It promotes the independent scene’s creative potential and supports its organizational competence as adequate, timely and significant not only for the future of Bulgarian culture but also internationally. To that end, of crucial importance is also ACT’s active international cooperation with the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), of which the Association has been a member since 2010.


Dance, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre