Viale Beatrice d'Este 32
20122 Milano

Etre is a network of italian companies developing a residency project in the Lombardy Region.
Etre was founded in 2008 with the financial support of Cariplo Bank Foundation, and currently there are 21 Etre Residencies associated.

As a network, Etre works to support and promote its associates, but has also developed tools and advocacy action for all the independent theatre sector, especially in the field of internationalization.

In 2015, Etre was the local organizer of IETMBergamo.

- promoting the form of residency;
- encouraging culture and performing arts in modern society;
- supporting the Residencies in their work;
- creating opportunities for the independent theatre sector to grow and establish new connections;
- advocating together with other national and international network;
- developing projects with other performing art organizations all around the world.

- provides services, training courses and communication for our Residencies and other companies of the independent sector;
- works with other italian Residencies Networks to promote the form of residency;
- works with other national network to promote the innovation of the sector and the role of culture;
- presents Luoghi Comuni Festival (;
- designs project on a worldwide scale;
- develops new tools and projects for the internationalization and the support to new generation and emerging artists.

Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre, Youth Theatre